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May 09, 2010



I went to this. Mac was great!


Very well summarized article. I was there with my family and was not amused by Mc Enroe's profanity, actually shocked that he would behave like that still - on a family night like that as I sat there with my 8-yr. old son. He did play well, but he really did not seem to enjoy himself, and Courier, even though he had some fun with the very small crowd, did not seem to try too hard. Made me wonder was it totally staged? How much did they get to show up? Te turn out shows not too many want to see that match-up.

Mike McIntyre

Hi Scott and Roger - thanks for posting. Just shows how interpretations of McEnroe's antics can vary from person to person. I have no idea how much each player received as an appearance fee - but do know that a good portion did make its way to charity. Both players were putting in a solid effort - and McEnroe especially seemed intent on winning.

Stay tuned for when I publish my one-on-one interviews with both players that I held just before match time.


Scott was all vintage McEnroe. Wish he and Connors had that would have been fun!

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