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April 01, 2010



Good article overall...

However, I do find it interesting how people caught doing "recreational" drugs such as Agassi, Hingis, Gasquet along with those who missed tests such as Malisse and Wickmayer are cleverly and "discreetly" put in the same bag as the "real cheaters" caught doing performance enhancing drugs...

As they say, if you repeat something often enough...then it starts to become factual...

The cheating and morality debate cannot be lumped into the same a bridge to nowhere in Alaska inserted at the eleventh hour into an Iraq war funding bill...

Shame on all those who still try to pull this goofy one on us.


Mr Roddick and Mr Blake just a suggestion. Take a leadership
role. Set up an educational program in Community Progams,
tennis training programs and support programs for current
players and wannbes.
Agassi seems to have his finger in the funding arena. Mary Joe
Fernandez has good consist mature visibility and the Williams
Sisters have charisma and Lindsay Davenport protrays a quiet
I think there many willing past and current professional players to assist in this quagmire.

This is a major issue throughout the World and we need good
leaders in every Profession providing guidance.

Mike McIntyre

Ticoj, you make a great point about the difference between recreational drugs users on tour and those who chose to use performance enhancing drugs to get ahead. The latter should be tossed from the game for good. Either way the system of testing and of punishing for these offenses seems to have some serious issues that need to be addressed.

Bill, I think tennis players have shown a true willingness to help out the struggling areas of the world - see the recent Hits for Haiti and Chile as examples.

As for Roddick and Blake, I think these two do a pretty good job on the charity front. Roddick has his Andy Roddick Foundation while Blake won the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian Award on the ATP Tour a year ago. These guys are certainly doing their part and setting a great example.

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