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February 14, 2010


Lemon Pie

I'm glad Shahar was able to play this year. I just saw she defeated Wickmayer 7-5 in the third. I love Wickmayer but in some way, that was a huge personal victory for Shahar, it is nice she won her match and is still in the tournament.

I am Lebanese and live in Beirut, and for the reasons we all know, Lebanon and Israel are not exactly the best of friends ... yet politics and sport should not be involved, and just like I have friends in Israel and hope to be able to visit the country one day, regardless of all the problems in the region, I hope the best for Shahar

Lemon Pie

Mike McIntyre

Thanks for the refreshing comments. It is too bad more people do not share your tolerant views. Hopefully Shahar's results and positive attitude this week can spark a change in many who had kept her out of the country a year ago.

Debt Settlement

I hope Shahar will mentain herself in that good shape and I'm very glad to see here this type of tolerant point of view . Make sports , not war ! ;)


Well said...I like that philosophy!

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