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February 18, 2010


Tom Loughrey

James Blake continues to do just enough to come up with an exciting loss. First it was del Potro and now Roddick. Because his ranking has dropped so far he is playing talent like this in the first two rounds rather then in the 3rd or 4th.

If he keeps up this form throughout the season, but works on his mental toughness in close three-setters than he could be looking at another run at the U.S. Open.

I thoroughly enjoy watching Blake play and I hope he gets back into the top 10.

Mike McIntyre

I like James Blake too Tom, but I seriously doubt at his age that a return to the top-ten is likely. I think he can get back into the top-thirty if he continues to work on his game plan. He looked great in Australia against Del Potro when he varied his tactics and came in frequently to the net. But if he sticks to his baseline, guns-blazing approach, then I fear his career is on the downward slide.

Tom Loughrey

Yeah, I don't have much hope for it either. I'd like to see him channel all of his energy into one more good run at the U.S. Open. He has to rise in the rankings to do so because I don't think he has the consistency to beat two or three top-10 players to even reach the quarterfinals. Good luck to Blake!

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