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February 19, 2010


Brighton Tennis Club

Interesting posts, only just discovered this blog and as a fellow tennis nut have book marked it.
What does everyone think of Federer's apparent return to form (so he said today) flash in the pan or the start of another grand slam shock and awe blitzkrieg?


Hi J, thanks for the post. Always nice to see a new reader on our site.

I think Federer is the one to beat at the moment at Flushing Meadows but that does not mean he is the only one capable of winning the Open.

Andy Murray has the talent and has played well this summer. I still question his mental toughness in a Slam final though. We can't count out Nadal cause we know how badly he wants to win in New York and in a best of five set match he is always a real threat.

Outside of those three I don't see any serious challengers - but you never know. Perhaps a Berdych, Roddick or Soderling could get on a nice run.

Jason Q. Kedzierski

Cool site. I was browsing the Internet and just came across it; some great articles on here....

I haven't read Oudin's blog, but will search for it; it sounds interesting. Regarding The Great One (Federer), he's the favorite in my opinion to win the 2010 U.S Open. I always laugh when people count him out and say that he's finished. It's like they want to bring him down to their own level so they can relate to him in some way. I guess that's human nature, sadly. Every time people have counted Fed out, he's come back (in a short amount of time) to prove everyone wrong. Honestly, I love it when this happens. Maybe those negative "mediocrytes" are needed in life, for their lack of belief can motivate the great ones' to get back on track :-)

After Federer, I would put Murray, Rafa, Soderling, and Berdych as the other threats to win the title. I would put Djokovic in that group as well, but I would be hugely surprised to see him as the last man standing. After those guys, you can never count out Mr. Roddick, as he always leaves 120% on the court. A total "darkhorse" who I would love to see come through: My boy Lleyton Hewitt (the toughest competitor since James Scott Connors).


Mike McIntyre

Thanks Jason. I've always liked Lleyton too, but he's got a pretty tough draw. Look forward to seeing you post again soon.


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