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September 05, 2007



First let me say that I'm pleasantly surprised to find this blog back. I missed it entirely too much. Whoever is at the reins now -- I thank you.

I agree about Serena, and am thankful for your interpretation. Compare her attitude to James Blake. Nice guy -- no trophies. Winning means everything on the court to Serena. She'll be back.

Kudos to Justine. Not my fav, but got to give her credit for playing good tennis, and especially for holding her own in the midst of an army of two handed backhand clones.


I truly believe that the media just want to say something about Serena, in anything for example Sports at this high level, people needs to believe in themsellves and if Serena believe that it's because of her mistake that the opponent won, next time she will try and do less mistakes.
And she has proven countless times that when she is at her best and avoid making mistake she is unbeatable.
Way to go Girl
Love you

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