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February 03, 2007



Hingis won!!! Comparing the first four tournaments she entered last year and this year, she definitely improved. Starlets (Ivanovic, Mirza, Gronefeld, etc) move over!!!


well on the plus side- sharpie lost
but i totally wanted ivanovic to win
oh well-- congrats to hingis b/c it def wasn't an easy match


Is it just me or is Sharapova not playing as good this year. Yes she got to the final of the Aussie Open, but she had 34 double faults in the whole tournament, something that is unlike her. Her serve looks like crap and that anyone can attack it, personally, I don't think that she would have won against Schiavone if her coach didn't come out on court, which I don't think should be allowed, but that is another story. I wonder if this is the "off" year for Sharapova?


i can't say im a sharapova fan but i agree about the serve thing. its kind of weird watching her serve as bad as it is b/c its usually a better part of her game and all these double faults are a bit dementieva-like. well we'll see but yea i agree that it could be an 'off-year' for her (at least now someone who actually deserves #1 will get the spot-- i.e. someone like henin or mauresmo who have games with style, flair and don't need to shriek to hit the ball)


The Australian open finals results shook her to the core. I believe that she somehow lost that level of self-confidence. Anyways, I'm also happy that Hingis won and avenged both her Tier I finals defeat last year! YEY!

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