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February 07, 2007



well amelie is def one of my fav players on the womens tour and she's always really nice and sweet. i hope she does well this year (esp at wimbledon) and gets #1 back =)


I have nothing at all against Amelie, and I find her gracious and pleasant off the courts. While she may do well in some tournaments, I just don't see the will to win and the determination that I see in Henin, Williams, Sharapova, etc. Maybe she is too nice? That competitive fire is just lacking.

When I watched Amelie play, and later saw Serena, I couldn't help but notice a lack of fighting spirit when Amelie is down. In Serena's case, it's more of a "how dare you back me into a corner - I'll show you!"

Generally it is the difference I see in many winners and losers on the courts, even at omy lowly 4.0ish lowly levels. Last week the opposing team took to hitting me with the ball if at all possible. I responded in turn. My partner backed right off both times. We lost 6-4, 6-4. A stronger personality would have helped me push them back. Like Serena, they smelled blood, and it was game over.

Amelie is a great player with a weak mind.


yea i do agree simply because you're right and she doesn't always have the strongest mentality. but, shes a fairly solid player and when she does keep it together great things happen for her ('06 australian&wimbledon).

and as for serena, she is also another one of my favorites and everything about her game is admirable, especially her mental strength when things get tough which is something i havent always seen from amelie.

in the end, i think amelie's got the stlye and flair to her game that serena doesn't, but serena's got the strength and persistence that makes her great and they're both champions and two of the best players in the women's game.

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