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February 09, 2007



If the ITF wants the top players to consistently play Davis Cup, maybe they should listen to their opinions and what they want with the scheduling.

Davis Cup could be a bigger event - like golf's Ryder Cup - if they just do it right. Don't have the schedule so spread out, get it more publicity, get the top players to show up. They need to overhaul this thing because right now it's not that big of a deal.


i live in the u.s. and i dont think that ppl really consider davis cup as a big deal (although i think its absolutely amazing)
i agree that it really needs more attention to get it to be considered as the important event it really is and for ppl to notice the pride that comes with winning it

on the plus side though, im so excited because safin won (obviously :)) and andreev pulled through against gonzo!!

and even though it may seem a bit of a stretch, im totally rooting for the czechs to beat the usa (yes, i know im an american but i def like berdych more than roddick. plus, the prospect of a possible rafa vs berdych rematch? of course i wanted the czechs to win!) and lastly, i hope germany beats croatia simply because haas is another of my favs and also, i dont want him to quit davis cup :)


I live in Russia and people here are really consider about Davis Cup. It goes in all news as a news of the day. Ahh we were soo exited about Igor Andreev's victory! Who could believe that he was able to do that after being injured and who could believe he could do more than Safin! As the commentator said, "Marat just cant play ''as usual"- he can play only good or bad and always makes you have a strong emotion- positive or negative, but always makes you worry during the match..." P.S. its fun that so many people arent fun of Andy Roddick- interesting why...


I havent got a problem with Andy Roddick, i can understand ppls views on him but he doesn't really bother me that much.


well about the whole andy roddick thing--
for me, its just his whole attitude and cockiness that's really annoying. and honestly, he doesnt come off that bad in his press conferences or anything but his cocky attitude is really apparent in his matches though and its bothersome for some people.

but everyone is entitled to their own opinion so feel free to disagree :)


No disagrees from my side- i am totally agreed with "Safinisawesome" about mr. Roddick (and even agree with his/her nick ;) -yeah, Marat IS :p)


Agreed .



Agreed .



i agree that roddick is arrogant on court--that's why i didn't like him when he first came on tour and i still can't stand him. and marat, i hope he gets back on top this year. he's done pretty okay (for him) so far, and i just want him to stay on a good level. hopefully!

davis cup...i hope the czechs beat the u.s. too! i hope berdych comes up in the ranks--i really like him and he's one of the younger players that's got a really good game. sigh...have to wait until may for a slam. that sucks.

anyway--about the ATP format and worries about the game changing--i don't like the round robin format and i do think that the officials should listen to the players--they're the ones who 'finance' the tournaments just by showing up and participating, and their schedule is so long that the ITF/ATP should consider shifting the schedule around a little bit. and even though i don't get coverage of davis cup here, i love it! some of the most amazing tennis takes place at davis cup sometimes.


well this doesn't have much to do with davis cup but its about roddick: did anyone else see him lose to murray a few days ago? hahaha im really starting to like andy murray simply because of his ability to beat roddick and put him in his place.
also, about the roddick/spadea match: omg roddick was once again at his obnoxious worst with yelling at the umpire and his dirty looks (esp during the changeover).
ugggh i don't think that it is at all possible to like this guy for anything other than his press conferences


I actually love Roddick. I think he's hilarious. He's not my favourite player, I mean, his game is lacking some serious depth, and he always looks so awkward, but I love to see him go off at the umpires and stuff (although I'd hate to actaully be one of them). I dunno, I just think he's fun to watch, even if he is totally obnoxious, and his conferences are really good.

But Safin is better. He's also really fun to watch when he gets angry during a match (Exhibit A - vs Roddick at The Aussie Open; that was a good match for me). Incidentally, my brother (who is a major Safin fan) thinks he looks like a Russian terrorist. I'm not entirely sure what a Russian terrorist would look like, but if they look anything like Safin, they're alright by me. :P Cheers.


The only thing that is good about the round-robin is that you can lose a match and still end up in the quarterfinals. I don't agree with it, but then again I don't agree that the way to solve players from withdrawling from tournaments is to make the season shorter.


I always wonder why they don't just lower the number of required matches and rule that they can't miss the same tournament 2 times in a row unless a designated physician certifies that the player is unfit. So, if Federer and Roddick skipped Paris in order to be fresh for Shanghai, they must skip another tourney next year. Let the players have those 2 matches without need of excuse. Of course, this makes sense, so there's no chance of it happening.

The round robin? Like someone else said, it makes sense in Shanghai with 8 best players, but I can't stand it as a regular means of play.


Anyone alive in here?

yea whats been going on?

i haven't been here for a while but i noticed that there haven't really been many updates since australia & davis cup...its been about a month

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