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January 31, 2007



i think rafa is great and hes still got plenty of time to work out little flaws in his game
i can't wait to see him take it to another level (maybe this year?) and win a slam on another surface other than the clay at the french. i think we can expect big things from him in the future but for now there's no reason to complain. he's as close to fed as they can get for the time being :)

Yes, the boy is young. Plenty of time for him to turn things around. I quite like his game and fighting nature, although I find his on-court pugilist routine rather old and a bit corny. He will get smarter with more experience and will work out a way to streamline his currently all-out game.


Nadal is young and still developing as a player...I believe he has many more years of success only worry with Rafa is that playing so many tournaments will eventually leave its physical marks on him...he has began to deal with some injuries as of late and I hope his grueling schedule does not leave him with permanent injuries...but he is a great player and I do believe he can only go up from here...


Don't count Nadal out yet, for crying out loud, he's barely out of diapers. Love him he's great.


Yeah, he's young and great and all. But, according to history, he's not gonna go any higher than he is.


True Nadal has fallen off a bit since Wimbledon but he did reach the quarters of the U.S. Open and Aussie Opens. That's not horrible showings by any means. The loss to Youzhny in New York was a bad loss but there's no shame in losing to Gonzo especially coming off that marathon with Murray. Nobody except Roger was going to beat Gonzo in Melbourne the way he was playing.

I have a feeling the return to the red dirt in a few months will re-energize Nadal and boost his confidence. He should get on a roll again because he's still the man on clay. He knows Federer is coming to Roland Garros on a mission to take his title so he'll be fired up I'm sure.


"But, according to history, he's not gonna go any higher than he is."

He already did when he won his first slam at the age of 19.


He already did what?


He's not going to go any higher than this?

Well I don't see him threatening Roger for No. 1 but he's still got a lot ahead to accomplish in his career. Who knows how many French Opens he could end up with. Maybe he'll get a Slam or two off the clay (Australian Open best shot I think).

Look at what he's accomplished so far is his young career: Two Roland Garros titles, Wimbledon final, quarters at AO and U.S. Open, multiple Masters titles, ridiculous clay court winning streak, winning record against Federer.

I can't believe some want to bury this guy for one shaky stretch.


I'm not trying to bury him because of his shaky stretch. I've been saying ever since he had to miss the 2005 TMC because of injury. Yeah he has accomplished a lot of amazing things at such a young age but he's also had many big injuries that have kept him out of so many tournaments. I think he needs to get back on the clay right now to refind his rhythm. I'm sure he's going to not only make his first final since Wimbledon, but probably win several titles. Nonetheless, his career is almost garunteed to cut short, atleast his stellar career. By the time he's 27, rather than being on top of the world, he could be ranked 226. I only hold a grudge against Nadal for beating him so many times, especially at the French Open. But, that grudge is also what makes me root for him to get to the finals of the Australian Open and other tournaments so that a: it'll be an interesting and unpredictable match between the two top players and b: so that Federer can start exacting his revenge and balance out their lopsided h2h.


okay well i know this is kind of off-topic
but i really really really want to see safin vs. nadal -- that would be so great!


That match-up has tremendous potential. If a hot Safin shows up against a hungry Nadal, damn, sparks will fly. Safin should be victorious considering his game is almost exactly like Berdych's and Berdych owns Nadal so Safin should beat him, too. But in a best-of-5-set match, Safin will probably have his mood swings so it could be like 6-4 in the fifth... Safin. Especially if the surface was clay. Now that would be a match to remember.


Safin-Nadal needs to happen in 2007. I don't care what surface it's on because both can play on pretty much anything. I also want to see Nadal-Roddick on a hard court. They played once in Davis Cup in what seems ages ago on clay. I think it could be an interesting matchup on hard courts. Nadal-Nalbandian wouldn't be bad either.

If Safin can get completely healthy and in the right state of mind mentally, I want to see him and Federer duel on a big stage.


yea i dont care what surface its on but i just think it would be an amazing match esp if marat's head is in the game


I think it's a bit unfair to compare Rafa to Federer like that. I mean, really, who DOES match up to TMF? Just because he hasn't been in a final since Wimbledon; once he gets back on clay and finds a rhythm again he's gonna be ripping it.

And as for Rafa and Gasquet, yeah, his technique doesn't compare, but that's not Rafa's game. He plays completely differently to Gasquet. Rafa plays more with his head and his heart, but once Richie's form is gone, he often bows out of the match, unlike Rafa.

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