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January 27, 2007



serena is just great :)
and shes right; just b/c shes not anorexic like mary-kate olsen doesnt make her fat
shes just got a diff shape and body type
okayy so maybe it wouldnt hurt for her to lose a few pounds but ppl seriouslt need to lay off about her weight and fitness b/c there isnt anything majorly wrong with it


I totally agree.


Me too. And you don't hear anyone go on and on and on ad nauseum about the men's body types. Irks me to the core.


She's fit or she couldn't have accomplished what she did, and i was cheering for her and marveling at her determination all the way. But once you have a serious injury you are never quite the same and it is then more important to carry less weight in order to protect from reinjury. Larry Stefanki had Gonzo loose ten pounds...certainly helped him.

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