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January 16, 2007



Sometimes, all you can do is just smile and shake your head. Even as an eccentric, he is authentic.


Good old Marat. Hopefully he can win the next round because I'm really looking forward to a Safin-Roddick showdown.


Man, do I want to see Marat put the beat down on Roddick.


I second that beat down.


i dont want roddick to lose early but as long as safin wins, it's ok.


Yeah Roddick was at his obnoxious worst during his verbal exchanges with the chair ump during his first-round match. He's trying to be intense and aggressive out there like Jimmy always was but he only comes across like an ass.

I add to the tally that hopes for a Safin beatdown of A-Fraud


Yes, what an ass Roddick was. If only he would behave like his coach used to during his matches.


marat is obviously a better player in more ways than one. not only that, but roddick is such an obnoxious jerk-- he tries to be 'aggressive' or 'cool' or 'intense' but it just doesnt work. safin, on the other hand, has little 'temper tantrums' :) and lapses in concentration, but in his case it makes the game more exciting, interesting, and sometimes funny. i cant wait for him to put the beat down on roddick.


Roddick is a clown, plain and simple. He carries himself like your average obnxious frat guy d-bag. He thinks he's being cool or being like Connors but getting into it with the chair umpire.

Sorry Andy but Jimmy was a bulldog who used his aggressiveness and intensity for intimidation and mind games with his opponent and the umpire. He was the master at this. Roddick is nothing but a punk


i think roddick is hilarious. but i like safin more... obviously. roddick is funny cuz he's such a jackass but safin just seems like such a fun guy. and he's funny without being a dick, he's just a nice guy.


Safin sees the absurdity of his behaviour. He laughs at himself and his temper tantrums. While Roddick will curse at a fan for taking a picture and blame the fan for ruining his game, Safin will curse himself for bringing 14 racquets instead of 15 and worry that he might break one too many. What a guy!


true. safin knows what he does is dumb while roddick is very stuck up. oh well, should be a great match if they make it.


Safin uses his throwing the racket into the court and frustration and turns that into an agressive part of his game, in other words it almost helps him. Roddick's lashing at the umpire and screaming sounds childish. When Roddick was yelling at the umpire, Patrick McEnroe had a good point, in football, soccer, or basketball, if you treated an umpire like Roddick does (or Sharapova with her cussing to the ump on live TV, maybe she's learning from Roddick) you would be thrown out, yet that almost never happnes. I almost wish that tennis would be more strict on players that treat the umps bad, but hey what do I know?


Hi all!

Oh please let Marat beat Roddick! Let style and - what word do I want? - individuality? flair? overcome the Roddick overhyped overagressive dullness...

I hope it will be on at an hour we can see it in the USA...I hope it will happen!


And besides just imagine the Marat press conference after beating Andy...

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