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January 04, 2007



Aw.. thats a shame, i was looking forward to seeing her play this January. After the Open her rank will fall to atleast 2 or 3 as she'll be losing hefty rank points. Atleast 500.


I'm shoked
I can't believe she split from her husband :o


she split from her husband? where did you hear that?


Maybe it is good news, maybe she is pregnant!!


I know some of the Belgian papers were reporting that she and her husband were divorcing (and one even threw in that she would be taking back her maiden name for good measure), but they didn't have any named sources so just speculation at this point. We'll know soon enough.


She did say "Personal Reasons" as her reason for not coming to Australia therefore maybe the emotional stress from the divorce is hurting her concentration on the court. Remember in 2005 with Myskina and her mother was sick and how bad of a year she had...

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