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January 28, 2007


John Emms

He's da best. French open and we got Roger Slam


Correction: HE'S THE BEST EVER.


i dunno about the french. i want him to win it and all but just because nadal sucks now doesn't mean he's gonna suck on clay. he's still the king of clay. last year everyone thought federer was gonna pull out some amazing win at the french open final, but it didn't happen. unless nadal does play like sh*t on clay, too, federer's got a 50-50 chance against nadal, anyone else i'm sure he'd beat. just think, by the end of this year, he could be one slam away from sampras's record...


he's awesome, what else can you say that hasnt already been said?
and one thing that i think we can all agree with the espn crew on is this: there aren't enough words to describe how amazing federer is :)


Well last year I think Roger showed he was the second best player on clay by reaching the finals in Monte Carlo, Rome and Roland Garros. I think last year's near miss at the French is going to drive him to work even harder in preparation this year.

He's won the Australian already so he knows if he can get the French, the Roger Slam looks like a great possiblity. With how much he looks up to Laver, joining him in winning a Grand Slam would be the ultimate achievement. I think he's going to tie or break Sampras record by next year.


After last year's great run on clay, Roger will be more confident than ever at the French Open. In 2006, he and Tony were in the process of advancing a game-plan on clay. They were brain-storming to find a way to be more effective. I believe they had unqualified success at that despite not winning a tournament. Face it: he only lost to one player on clay and got closer to him as the season progressed (the final of the French Open notwithstanding).

This year: no more development, no more experimentation, no more planning - their efforts will be entirely on executing the plan as they know that the game is there to succeed even against Nadal. The bottom-line is that Roger is even better placed this year than the last and is in peak form already. Last year, his form including and after AO was quite indifferent.

I smell something brewing. Something special.


i agree.


YEAH! hurrah for so happy! i hope he wins roland garros and the rest of the slams and gets the Grand Slam. what a class act! and a well-played match, i was very happy that gonzo fought it out his hardest and gave us a bit of a fright. just what i wanted.


i meant just what i was hoping for. and what i wanted to but i hoped it would be a good match. anyway--hope you all enjoyed the match too! :)


I believe the last time that Rafa lost on clay was in 2004...i cant remember cuz it was so long ago. Its gonna take someone who's well conditioned to playing on clay to beat him...and i dont believe Roger will be able to do it.


I don't think that Nadal has that mental edge on Roger anymore that he had last year during the clay court season. Rafa owned him there for a while, he was really in his head. Roger has a few victories over Rafa since the French Open and I think he now knows he can beat him where there was doubt before when Rafa had the upper hand. Hewitt, Henman and Agassi all owned Roger but he eventually turned it around on all of them big time.

I think Roger playing Rafa so much on clay last year is going to really help him. Last year Roger put in a lot of work on clay and made real strides on the surface. If he can build off that this year, he has a real shot against Nadal compared to last year when Rafa was a frustrating riddle he couldn't figure out.


i think the last time rafa lost on clay was in 2005 and i no andreev was one of the 2 players to do it. but yeah i mean nadal's in a bit of a slump right now but lets not forget about 3700 of his 4500 points come from the clay season. he is the king of clay until proven otherwise. i think roger can beat him, but its tough to say. i mean they're both at such a high level and well, idk what else to say. i hope roger can win the slam this year, but im tired of rooting for him. i want the young guns to start winning majors. not nadal, but berdych, gasquet, and ESPECIALLY murray, god i love that kid. djokovic i dont like, hes so full of himself but hes not that good, well, he is pretty good, i just dont like him.


I don't know about that. A few of us thought he could not keep up the physical game he plays, and look at his injury list grow as a testament to that. Even Nadal admitted in an interview that these injuries are playing with his head a little. It'll be iteresting to see if he can play, and if he's as go for broke as he used to in big matches.

He sure has the talent to dominate, and even as a Fed fan, I kind of like having Rafa keep him humble, even if it is just on clay lately.


In 2001, nobody thought Pete Sampras could be beat on grass at Wimbledon until a guy named Roger Federer came along.

He conquered the king of grass. Will he conquer the king of clay now too?


i think federer definitely can beat nadal on clay. i think after beating nadal in the wimbledon final last year, roger realised nadal is beatable, even if it was on his own favoured surface. since roger has met nadal in the finals of so many clay tournaments and one of his losses last yr at hamburg (i believe so...i could be wrong) went to five sets! nadal's a grinder, a fighter, and he won't let federer go without giving it his all. i agree with most of you, federer has mentally and physically reached the level he needs to for clay and if he practises enough, he can win roland garros. of course, nadal's not to be put out of the picture, especially if he's 100 percent healthy.

sensationalsafin, once federer wins the Slam, i'm more than happy for the young guns to start winning slams :)

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