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January 25, 2007



That wasn't a rout. That was a lesson. A course, if you will, in not being over-confident without sufficient reason. A beautiful doctrine in tennis genius that is sure to be remembered for a long time. A reminder to never doubt the quality and heart of a champion.

The 6 - 0 second set brought me to tears, I have to admit. It transcended sports and assumed the form of an art. That was, without a doubt, the best individual performance I have ever seen, in any sport.


I agree Peacemaster - that transcended sport and crossed the line into art - mash'Allah (as we say here in the Middle East)
I actually think Roddick made a good account of himself - he DID come into the match with great form - but no-one could have had an answer for TMF today.
I actually felt sorry for ARod cos he couldn't do anything right poor thing.
But basically it was like being in the Colessium in Ancient Rome & seeing them being fed to the lions!
I think he can look back at this tourney and take a lot of positives from it. He is playing better, he's got a bigger wardrobe of shots than before & he had some great matches.
It just wasn't his day, it was Rogers.
Good on you Roger - thanks for the wonderful masterclass. Thanks for showing us how its done, on court & off court. Wow aren't we lucky to see this quality of athlete?
Roger walks on water - its official!


Thank you Roger for doing exactly what so much of us wanted. The whole two weeks we had to hear the endless crap about how Roddick was this totally different player under Jimmy's master tutelage. We had to hear the endless references to Roddick's XO win over Federer and how even though it was an XO, it still mattered. I'm sure Roger heard all of this talk too and he was going on that court last night not to just beat Roddick but to dominate him, destroy him, remind him and the whole ESPN crew for that matter who the man is.

Yes Roddick has improved in areas under Jimmy (backhand and net game) but he's still mentally weak in big matches at Slams. If ever there was a time he was going to beat Roger it would've been last night with all the momentum he had going and he ended up getting humiliated. He will never beat Federer at a Grand Slam.

I'd love to have seen the looks on the faces of P-Mac, Cliffy, Chris Fowler, Dick Enberg, Luke Jensen and Connors during the bagel second set. What happened to their Golden Boy?

Thank you again Roger for making my tournament.


I just read Andy's post-match press conference transcript. Typical Roddick. But then again, I'd probably be the same way if I had just been embarassed like that


What does TMF mean?


The Man Federer


i thought it stood for The Mighty Fed ?


It could I have heard different things


I couldn't agree more, Stellcat. I kept waiting and hoping for someone, anyone, to take the air out of Roddick this tournament. I was pretty disappointed when Safin didn't give him the beat down, but now I'm happy he didn't. Roger absolutely spanked him and then spanked him some more. Forget the idea of merely raining on A-Rod's ESPN-PMac love parade; Fed was a deluge last night.

So much for all the "I'm gaining on Roger" talk.


It's too bad for Roddick though. Poor guy. I hope he doesn't stop improving his game like he has been lately.


Oooh, Roger was so bad. When Andy swore out loud (almost - he changed the word), a wee smile crept across Roger's lips. Yes, he is a talented little passive aggressive.

Wow! Just wow.


yea i was pretty upset that safin didnt take him out but fed was crazy last night! i was 100% sure roddick didnt have a chance of winning but getting totally creamed like that caught me a bit off guard. hahaha oh well at least the over-confident jerk with the bad attitude is finally out. but im still rooting for haas to win this thing :)


TMF most certainly - indubitably even - stands for THE MIGHTY FEDERER.


yep TMF is The Mighty Federer - maybe we should change it to TAF - The Almighty Federer.
I'm STILL just in total awe of what I saw today.


Connors was probably sitting there having flashbacks to the 1984 Wimbledon final when his rival Johhny Mac totally dismantled him. Connors knew what Andy was going through last night.

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