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December 30, 2006



Quite interesting. I think it will go well...



I can hardly wait to see what form Serena's in and hopefully she'll win and get to the finals and see where it goes from there.


I hope she does really well, and stop the rise of so-called "genuine stars" like Ivanovic and Mirza.


Starbuko, I respect your comment but would have to disagree with your statement pertaining to Ana Ivanovic. Ivanovic, is clearly in another class compared to Mirza. She is ranked #14 in the World and she was the Rogers Cup and U.S. Open Series Champion in 2006. She has a mean forehand and big serve (over 123mph+).

There is no question Ivanovic will be inside the top 8-10 players this year. Mirza on the otherhand, is quite the star in her native India but I dont believe she can be top 10 anytime soon.

True, maybe Serena can take out Mirza at the lowly Tier IV Hobart tournament. But I can assure you she wont be seeing Ana Ivanovic. She is playing the Tier II Sydney tournament where the Big Girls play !!!!!!!!!!!!


Gary, i respect that u are a fan of Ivanovic. But one thing i dont agree with is the part where u said Ivanovic will be playing where the big girls play. I took this as an insult towards Serena as if she can only handle Tier IV. Let me remind you that Serena crushed Ivanovic in the US Open where she was playing so well. And Serena had just returned to tennis. Serena is only playing in Tier IV tournies because she needs to gain rank points. And believe me when Serena's in form like she was in 02 03 04 she would toss Ivanovic away with ease. By the time the Grass court season approaches Serena will be in the top 20's -30's working her way back to the top and Ivanovic wont be able to touch her. Even Venus crushed Ivanovic in Luxembourg this year and Venus was partially injured. Hm, foolish to say such a thing about Ivanovic and Williams. When Ivanovic has won +7 grand slams or even more then i think you can start saying Ivanoic is better than Serena. Dont get me wrong i think Ivanovic is a great player and i am not bias. But comments like that dont make sense and can appear to be far-fetched.


Andrew, Serena hasn't been in form for years.


Thats true and i didnt say she has been, she hasnt been on form since Aussie 05. Im saying that Ivanovic is not a better player than Serena. Catch my drift. Ivanovic's best form is Serena at 50%


#14 Ana Ivanovic...........# 97 Serena Williams.......Sure Andrew, Ivanovic is Serena at 50%.......Give me a fucking break ! Ivanovic 2006 Rogers Cup & U.S. Open Series Champion.

Please learn a little bit more about Ivanovic before you start relegating her to "50% of Serena" status.

Serena Williams 2006 Most Withdrawals from Major Tournaments Champion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew, why would you not want young rising stars like Ivanovic & Mirza to get their due ? I think most people are tired of seeing the posters and images of the Sisters on everything.....particularly when neither one has a decent ranking and both are as likely to pull out of a tournament due to mysterious injuries (only to be seen later that same week rehabbing their injuries at Hollywood parties and Movie Openings) as they are to actuially play in it. It's time to start looking to the futuire. Its important to promote the sport with new faces and rising stars. Tennis needs nice young ladies like Ana.

Yes, Serena & Venus were once great players......but their best days have left them. SO GET OVER IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its a new day and age in the WTA and it starts with Ana Ivanovic !


Serena: 7 Grand Slams
Ana: 0
Serena: 57 weeks at Num. 1
Ana: 0
Serena: 26 Singles Titles
Ana: 2 Singles Titles

Isn't there a clear winner here?


I agree with Andrew and Kelly.


Ooops, sorry to start this debate between Serena and Ivanovic (and Mirza). These young stars are definitely needed in the game, but what I don't like is when they get these acclaims when they haven't really reached anything substantial yet. Ivanovic can play, but when she starts talking about beating Hingis again in the Sydney final after her first round match (yes, I know, it's a possibility), I don't see any respect from her towards the other players. Like she can cruise to the finals. Safina can and will beat her before she earns that final spot against Hingis.


I read Ivanovic's comments and really I thought that she was a level-headed teenager who knows what to say and what not to say. But I definetly agree with you about how Ivanovic can't talk about stuff like how she "will" play Hingis in the Sydney final, where there will be a tough draw, and to be quite honest, I'm not even sure if Martina will make the final if she gets a bad section of the draw. The only Top-10 player who won't be at Syndey is Sharapova.


Gary, you make me laugh, how can YOU tell me to learn more about Ivanovic. All i need to know which is important is that she won the rogers cup and then entered the US Open and got thrashed 6-2 6-4 by Serena who isnt even in tip top form yet. Ha and yes ill say it again Ivanovic is Serena at 50%. And if you want things to become clearer about Ivanovics career in comparison to Serena's take a look at what Kelly has provided us with. An insight to how much Ivanovic needs to achieve in order to be better than Serena. Talking about upcoming players Ana Chakvetadze is in my opinion much better than Ivanovic. Also i dont know where your coming from when u say get over it. What is there to get over, Serena will return to the top where she belongs, shes still only 25. So i think you need to learn more on Ivanovic and stop talking bull crap. To clarify i do not have anyhing against Ivanovic, i think shes a good player. As Starbuko said stop biggin her up when really her only major achievement is winning rogers.

Another thing, i wasnt comparing their status by saying Ivanovic is Serena at 50%. I was comparing their overall tennis game and success and their form. And i think Ivanovic's best is Serena when shes at 50% when playing tennis.

I think i should inform you on one other little thing you said, they've only been pulling out latlely because of injuries, is that so hard to understand.



Gary one last thing. Talking about learning more about players, you need to re-check your sources as Serena is not ranked 97 she is ranked 95. So we can all see who the clear dumb ass is here.

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I love the Williams Sisters !!!!!!!! They be good for tennis !

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