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December 29, 2006



Didn't Nadia Petrova say that the court has been playing fairly quickly? I know she's been practicing on the stuff, so I trust her judgment. If so, that's what Hewitt wanted.


Good old Lleyton laying the groundwork (forgive the pun) of possible excuses for another early exit? He doesn't sound very "Aussie" to me, to be honest. It's not the floor, mate, it's the way you dance.


"It's not the floor, mate, it's the way you dance." - I like that.

But I don't really blame Lleyton for not wanting to venture an opinion publicly before he's actually played on the stuff. Let's see what he says after he practices on it.


if hes playing well i dont see y the surface would affect him too much. he was a finalist here what? 2 years ago? hes obviously capable and if its playing even a little bit faster then thats always a plus. but if hes playing like crap, fast or slow, he's gonna lose early.


Lleyton will never be satisfied. It doesn't matter anyways, his winning a Grand Slam window has closed I believe. He will still be a threat to reach the quarters or semis but no more Slam titles. Especially with Roger around, Fed absolutely owns him.

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