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December 26, 2006



I've seen several articles describing Ivanovic as a genuine star. With her tennis results, more like flash in a pan. Like what happened to Mirza.


Normally I like Ivanovic's game and her personality. But that quotation about Sharapova irks me. I understand why people don't like Sharapova (although personally I've liked her well enough ever since she shocked my skirt off winning Wimbledon), yet I've never understood comments like this from other players. It's always "maria's this, she's that, she never smiles, she glares, she grunts, we're all fairy princesses and she's the evil witch, Kournikova II," so on and so forth. Yet you never hear Sharpova go off on other players personally or otherwise, and she always compliments her opponents after matches, never even goes into uber-bitch mode when the press tries to bait her (about other players, that is). Really, I just don't get it.

I guess I'm just a pollyanna who wants to like them all.

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