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December 28, 2006



Andre, I don't think anyone is going to forget that you played tennis!! Andre rocks!!


Agassi has a million things on his plate and he'll most likely play exos/charity tournaments for the rest of his career or maybe even play an event or two on the senior tour. Steffi is happy in retirement and I think Andre will be as well.


I'm sure Steffi is happy Andre has retired. She retired but then remain in the scene and travel all over the world following him instead of just relaxing and enjoying life.

Now Mom and Dad will be at home with Jaden and Jaz and they'll be a big happy family.

Hopefully down the road we see Agassi doing what Pete is doing with Team Tennis and exhibitions. We could get Andre, Pete, Courier, Chang and Todd Martin back together again for fun


I would hope that Andre, as a tennis player, will never be forgotten because he became a role model for the youth of tennis with his courage, play and court demeanor.

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