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October 19, 2006



Welcome back, federated.

Why was I not surprised to see that David's seeming lack of interest in all things good and wholesome, including his tennis, extends to his blogging duties too?

Roger vs. Marat/David should be a barn burner...


I've thought that a lack of heart is what's kept Nalbandian from being a Slam winner and I guess it carries over to his blogging. What's the deal with this guy? I hope Safin takes him out in the quarters.


Also I'd love to see a Fedal final in Madrid. We've seen it on clay, grass and hard courts this year...why not indoors?

small fry

welcome back!

Funny old week. 'Pim Pim' Johansson resurgent after a long time away, laid low by a sore throat. Ginepri makes an (accidental?) hand gesture that turns the entire crowd into a roaring, heckling mob for the remainder of his match. Safin plays good tennis. And then Nalbandian comes out with this hilarious quote about Henman: "All this selling himself as a gentleman is not true. He is the worst rubbish there is."

Must be altitude sickness.


Small fry: I must be out of the loop but that did Ginepri do? Does any one know what happened between Nalbandian and Henman during their match?


Re Henman: He gives his side in his press conf. There is something wacky going on with the site, so you'll find numbers inserted in the text, but you can get the gist:

"TIM HENMAN: A classic example of the 5‑4 game when I served the match. It was break point and I thought I hit a pretty good forehand. And I just looked at him and said, "Out." And he said, "Yeah, out." So that's good enough for me. And then 15‑30 in that next game, he had hit the kick short serve wide. I'm lunging because it was close. He said to me, "How was it?" And I said, "Well, I thought it was in." He asked me what I thought. I said, "Yeah, I thought it was in." He said, "Well, you didn't give me first serve." First serve at 5‑5, 15‑30 when I think your serve was in? I think he's in a dream world. And so then he starts questioning my sportsmanship. So I think if we're going to go down that road, there's only one winner in that debate. So I think that's all there is to it. "


Berdych just smacked down Nadal in 2 straight sets. 6-3, 7-6. Now there is a guy who isn't at all afraid of Nadal. I am rapidly becoming a Berdych fan.


If you recall Berdych beat Fed at Athens in 2004.


I do. I do. Would love to see them both in this final.


Welcome back Federated! Don't listen to that guy, I can't imagine writing a tennis blog and keeping up with everything that goes on every week, all year!

How about Nadal losing again. That Wimbledon final is just looking enormous now to me.

I'll have to look and see if the final is on TV here. Roger/Berdych all?


Welcome back Federated - we all appreciate your hard work in keeping this site going.
What a great tourney this is turning out to be.


Just read Nalby's blog - its pretty awful isn't it? I mean Safins was off the wall & all over the place but at least it was Safin.
Apart from the redeeming fact that he calls his Mum regularly there's not much to like about him.
Plus he was mean to our Timmy - poor TH he'd been playing really well & gave us some beautiful displays of serve volley game in his earlier matches.
Poor Raf going out in front of the home crowd - painful I'm sure.


I cant believe Rafa mouthed off in public calling berdych a bad player because of the looks he was getting. What happened to his manners? and what is up with his game? Im starting to think that the fame has finally got to his head. I really hope im wrong.


BTW, welcome back federated!


icywirls, are you blind?

RAFA had the right to mouth off that hijo de gran puta after what he did. All he did was call him stupid, which is the truth, and he's damn right. Rafa is a human being, in case you didn't know. I'm pretty sure you've called someone stupid before, too.

I mean, I get the whole shushing of Berdych, but in the press conference, he went WAAAAY too far. He's practically calling Nadal stupid, saying he'd rather play Fed cause he's smarter. Nadal doesn't go around saying, "I'd rather play Berdych than Federer because Berdych is smarter." That's a load of sh*t.
Berdych can take a boot and shove it up his a**. Let Fed teach you a lesson, then you'll learn to shut the hell up.

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