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October 21, 2006



I never did think David could beat Roger this time around, but I also didn't imagine that he would be embarassed like this!

Roger played like a man possessed in that 6-0 second set. It was almost supernatural. His movement, in particular, was sublime. And the forehand... I think it's time that the "arguably" is permanently dropped from "the best ever shot in tennis" discussions. I know I sound too much like a "fan", but it is simply a privilege to watch this man work.


Typical Nalbandian going away once he gets behind. After Nalbandian idiotically trashed Tim Henman's sportsmanship and demeanor, I was hoping Roger would smoke him.

I love the bagel second set. Some heart there David. Was there a soccer match you wanted to watch again?


Stellcat - a soccer match - funny! think the fact Nalbie trashed Fed's friend also had a lot to do with the imperious form today, too. However, Fed's been very ueven lately - amzing one day, struggling the next. Hope he doesn't struggle too much tomorrow...


Gonzales routs Berdych in the other semi setting up a Fed-Gonzo final.

Nice contrast of styles. Federer's elegance and grace against Gonzales' demented go for broke bombs.

I'll take Fed in straight sets.

John Emms

I feel bad for Gonzo. He can win tomorrow, but his fate is not in his own hands. He needs the Feds to have multiple "painful" nightmares tonight and probably get hit by a bus and his ambulance to get hit by a truck tomorrow to win. A solar eclipse would help too. Maybe Fed would miss balls in that case.


Gonzo stayed in the match for the first set, and then Fed just steamrolled by him, 7-5, 6-1, 6-0.

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