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October 02, 2006



this is beyond awesome. i'm glad they *finally* got him to do one! now if only the federbear would come out already...

oh and mario won doubles! again!
these doubles titles are great but he should concentrate a bit more on the atp race!! he still has a shot at shanghai...

Fan of Tennis

Hey, I'm so glad they asked him to do the blog. I'll be reading it every day. I really wish he could do it at one of the grand slam events like Wimbledon or the US Open... That would be fantastic!


Yes it's bloody awesome that Rog is doing the blog - you should see the reaction from people on - we're all ecstatic! And the first post was a good one too - Rog playing tricks on Mirka (see, there is a different side to him hehe). Can't wait for the rest - and hopefully he comes through with the title!!!


It is extremely refreshing to see a well-rounded athlete. Roger is the antithesis of the mindless jock. He seems to be the kind of person who would enjoy life after he's done playing, as much as he does now. Sharp, this fellow.


I love how he sounds just like himself, somehow with a blog I'm expecting Tursunov, but Roger will be Roger :)

On the other hand, I wish someone had run that pic of Roger & Mirka with Monica Seles through's soo green...I may try to do it myself. How do we make a link here?


Wow! I'm so glad it's Roger's turn now! I loved his first post!!! I'm eagerly waiting for the rest of it!! And it would be lovely if he won the open too!!!


Cool beyond belief. Wish I were there!


Cool beyond belief. Wish I were there!

Fan of Tennis

I saw an article that Roger's blog is getting record hits (over 100,000 the first day)...That's good!


Wow. What a classy fellow.


Roger's getting wittier by the blog. The man's really in his element.

yeah its a really good blog - especially the photos - I like the one with Tursonov taking notes over his shoulder.
I like the background info.
Hey Tim! change your shirt man!

Fan of Tennis

I like the message when you put your mouse on Roger's mouse (in that picture that Tursunov is standing over his shoulder). Roger is getting better and better. I can't wait until the next blog!


His picture says that he's signing autographs after his semi win. Is he prescient now? Will he jinx himself?


he almost lost to a freaking wild card ranked 1000 something. he destroyed moodie, and yet these super low ranked players r giving him more trouble than gasquet did in toronto. wtf is going on??

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