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September 05, 2006



Oh my... Jelena is giving Elena is thrashing! I *heart* her if only because of her fiestiness and motor-mouth. There's really no way back for Dementieva... trailing 2-6 1-5. No way. Jankovic serving for the match.


Wow, they can't seem to get a break with the weather this year. Has to be one of the rainiest U.S. Opens I can recall.


Don't forget 2003. That was even worse. You would think the USTA would have fixed their ridiculous scheduling after that year, but alas, it didn't happen and now this tournament's getting screwed up too.


Wow, and people think that JHH can beat Jankovic easily?

I actually see her hoisting up her first major. I know, but its really, really close for her.

Looks like its another Mauresmo vs. Sharapova quarters. I don't think either Safina or Golovin can step it up this time around. I'll give Momo the edge and improve to 4-0 against Maria.

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