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September 05, 2006



What a shame for Serena. Her lost of serve early in the third set cost her. Wow wow second set though. Looks like she's on the right track with the 'comeback'. She can only get better (barring re-injury) and hopefully should peak at the Australian Open. Quite rightly, she should just play a few tournaments, have some fun, get into a rythm for the next few months.

More of a breakthrough for Amelie 'Pong' Mauresmo mentally? She sure made it known a few times during the post-match interview that she had to forget about the disaster of a second set. Would have been more of a disaster if she actually lost the match, being the 1st seed and 1st ranked and all.

Should ease past Safina in 2, and then the semi showdown with Sharapova. Woo...


I watched the Gasquet-Hewitt match to the almost 1am end. I was so disappointed for Richard. I think if he hadn't cramped he could have taken that match. He had A LOT of break point opportunities on Hewitt's serve that he couldn't convert. But man, he laid it all out despite hobbling the last few games and yes those two matchpoint saves (one blistering return and one ridiculous dink winner after a long rally - yes as he hobbled) were awesome. He didn't fold and for that I was happy because I've seen him do that before and it's what makes me feel at times that he'll be another Safin - so much talent but can't put it together. So the fact that he fought till the bitter end was a good sign, I just hope that this match will show him that he needs to up his physical conditioning to get to the top and stay there.


Unfortunately they are predicting rain again today...I hope Roger somehow gets his match in :(


i think that serena did good. sometime we fans have an unrealistic expectation. she said in her press interview that she was going to play a few tournament in europe. at least she realized that it takes a lot of work for her to make it back to the top. i believe she can be there by the end of next years with a lot of work. congrad Momo, go all the way.


gasquet doesnt seem like another safin, he seems just like federer when he was younger. he has so many options he just needs to learn what to do with it all, once he does, he'll be awsome. i predict gasquet will have a career slam by the end of his career.


that's true sensationalsafin, it takes a longer time to learn how to effectively use the many options that players like gasquet and federer have. i was just refering i guess to gasquet's mental fragility when i compared him to safin. i do hope that gasquet rises up to expectations.


Roger was also pretty fragile when he was young, too, right? Give Gasquet time. How lucky we are for the next few years! So many promising young stars; and of course TIF The Immaculate Federer maturing into elder statesman.


seriously though what a great match. i normally like hewitt but i really wanted gasquet to win. other than his great game he just seems like someone u wanna root for. and apparently there r about 20,000 new yorkers who agree.


I so need to see that Gasquet hobbling forehand winner... anyone got it on you-tube? In terms of mental fortitude and fighting to the end, this one is a major breakthrough for him.

I so hope to see him in majors QFs & SFs next year. His flair, his style... loves it.

This is such a great time to be a tennis fan. We are seeing the next generation coming through - Gasquet, Djokovic, Berdych, Murray my favs in that order.


That whole match was GREAT!
Vic, that point is on the Day 8 USOpen highlight reel. Unfortunately, it's hard to see and wasn't the whole point so it doesn't do it justice.

I know what you mean though, the infusion of these "young guns" and their variety and character are just making tennis such fun to watch. Not that Roger doesn't make it great for me :)


Hey guys, FYI, I added an entry with a link to the eurosport day 8 highlights which has a better view of the Gasquet point. You can expand the video to full screen.

yeah it's like the invasion of the euroboys...nadal, berdych, baghdatis, gasquet, monfils, murray, djokovic


davai, marat! please come through today.


Aghh rain after only 3 games..time to hit the books (calculus, blech, pity me).

ALLEZ AMELIE! (federated, I'm worried about Safina...Amelie's lost to her before).


what was up with dementieva's serve today? she couldn't hold a single game!

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