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September 27, 2006



I hope Mirza can regroup this time. That was embarrasing in front of her home crowd. Anyways, what the heck is Hingis doing in a Tier IV tourney? The only player in the draw that matches with her is probably Sugiyama.

VENUS WON! 'atta girl.


Finally you've come to your senses, thanks federated! Richard, I think for the top players, there's a certain number of Tier III and Tier IV you're required to play, and most of the tournaments that Hingis played prior to this are Tier I and Tier II. Plus, it's a good way of connecting with her huge fanbase in Asia. I heard she's going to Southeast Asia by November.


Well, Maria, it doesn't matter now, since Mizra just played probably the best match of her career. She BAGELED (NOT ANOTHER ONE in the women's game!!) Hingis in the 2nd and won 6-4 in the third! :]

Maybe now the Sania hype can restart again, as it seems appropiate enough.

Li and Jankovic are in the quarters. <3

But Venus lost. :[


Richard, that is definitely the saddest news of the week! :( But then again, Venus and Petrova lost in the 2R matches, so I guess it's OK. I really hope Mirza wins this one after beating Hingis!


It's funny Maria, its almost like every player you post about, they lose the next day. :P Oh well, about time Sugiyama deserves a title.

Dang, what's up with all the top players in Luxemborg? And an even sadder news is Na Li tumbling out again in the guangzhou quarters. :[


Hmmm, so this probably explains why Henin-Hardenne has been successful all year round (minus the injuries)... LOL. What's sadder is that Dementieva and Safina both lost in Luxembourg. This is definitely not a good week.

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