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September 10, 2006



You know, it's so sad that Women's tennis is going backwards instead of forward. I mean female tennis players spend more time caring about modeling than actually playing. That's why the world no. 1 loses two sets 6/0. Can you imagine federer or any top 10 player in men's tennis losing 3 sets no 2 sets 6/0. The only exception is probably Gaston Gaudio, losing to Roger 6/0 6/0. But that's a whole different story. Roger was so good that day and it wasn't Gadio's fault for being outclassed on a fast surface.


i gotta admit, i always root for sharapova but shes seriously pissing me off. shes been doing the on court coaching thing since like the beginning of time and its maadd grimey the way she tries to avoid the subject. i mean im sure that eating the banana made her win the match but still its not cool.


Totally agree with your comments. I prefer Justine's game but Maria did played better last night. It was painful to watch Justine couldn't return Maria's strong serves and didn't play her best tennis.
I was appalled by the post-match press conference where Sharapova simply avoided the subject - tried to do so using her irritability and anger... I found that immature and unprofessional. The on-court coaching on this match was pretty obvious - that four fingers and banana... even more obvious than her last match against Mauresmo.


Does the WTA actully watch the tv and see on court coaching? Tracy Austin and John McEnroe thought that it was on court coaching. Maybe the WTA is truing theri heads the other way so that it doesn't cause a huge stir. I wonder that if it was Williams or Davenport or even Clijsters if it would be silent like it is now.

Again, the whole post match interview is about her on court coaching, I can almost guarntee that the WTA will look into it. Maybe if we are lucky they will catch Sharapova with on court coaching. I wonder if they will make her give all of the money she won for the Open back in a fine for it?


Q. You have become an American icon, that's obvious. You speak American, you spent half of your life here.

MARIA SHARAPOVA: Does American exist? I speak English. I don't speak American anything.

Q. Do you feel any disconnect? Do you ever think about changing your allegiance?

MARIA SHARAPOVA: No, I never think about that. I moved to the United States because of my tennis career, because of what I had to do with tennis. I still live here. I'm still training here. Yeah, I've definitely gotten accustomed to the way of life here, but who wouldn't, after spending more than half of their life in a country?

Does American exist? Well Sharpie hate to break it to you, but yeah it does. The freedom you got by being a US citizen is American, the democratic goverment is American. Your way of life is the American dream, you grew up poor moved to America for tennis and you came out rich. And you have the nerve to ask if American exists??


In defense of Sharapova (something I never thought I'd be doing), her question "Does American exist?" refers to the comment that she "speaks American." In that case, she's exactly right because people from the United States speak English, and there is no such thing as the American language.

That aside, Justine just looked sort of lost out there, I thought. I was pretty much neutral after Hingis and Mauresmo went out, but I was still hoping for a better match than that.


fining her all her money is kind of extreme, but they seriously need to tell her to stop or they could actually like ban yuri and that hitting partner guy from watching her matches for a certain period of time as a way to punish her. i really hate the fact that when the wta decided to try on court coaching she said she found it funny. like "i already have on court coaching, i find it funny that the players will bother asking their coach to come on the court when my coaches tell me what to do from the stands" kind of thing. cuz basically thats exactly what it is in her case.


Maybe you speak english brother. I speak American-English and I am damn proud of it. And I am not an American born. I wasn't born in America, but I feel as American as anyone in this country. Sharapova shows how naive and insensitive she is by making comments like that. To tell u the truth, I am glad that she doesn't want to be American. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be associated with Sharapova and her stupidity in any possible way. Having said that, I still support Federer, as he plays a better brand of Tennis than Roddick (going out with Sharapova ain't gonna win him a Slam).


sharapova, to put it simply, is an idiot. she is american whether she likes it or not. she moved here when she was what, 4? so shes been here for 15 years. i was born here but my parents are russian immigrants. trust me, russian americans dont no what it means to be russian. i really really despise russian teens like myself, expect i wouldnt classify my self as "russian" becuz by culture im american. i mean i have russian blood in me but i dont know what it means to be an actual russian. niether does sharapova.


You know what, even though Sharpie was saying she doesn't speak American, it wasn't right for her to say does American exist? In America, we don't speak the same way that England does to an extent, therefore don't we(meaning Americans) speak American? The other thing, notice how Sharpie wears a black ribbon for the terrorist attack in Russia. Does she care about 9/11, or is she just not American enough to care. And to sensationalsafin: Sharpie should be fined all of her money from the slam that she won because she had on court coaching. They will never not allow a coach to show up at a match because they didn't really didn't do anything that bad. But if I were to make the punishment, no player would be allowed to have a coach watch them play to get rid of that.


Safin, what I don't understand is people keep saying that I have japanese blood in me or polish blood in me. I don't get it. I appreciate people who want to respect their father and mother's culture, but if you are growing up in America, then you are American. It's fine if you wanna be a russian american as you are respecting both cultures, but to say that I am only russian and not definitely american is a disrespect to all americans who paid to come and see your ass win a slam. Somehow, I believe Americans were not pulling for Sharapova as she is everything we don't stand for. We stand for patriotism, kindness, fair competition. That Banana Cheat ain't gonna comprehend what it means to be an American.

Sonny Liston

Girl from Siberia wins the US Open by eating a banana with four fingers. The hilarious part of it, is that Maria's game is so uni- dimensional that once she is out there a coach aint gonna help her too much. A banana and four fingers? More like hitting thousands of tennis balls and sacrificing everything to risk coming to America and believing in yourself for the chance to be a champion. Maybe you'd prefer Docic, Lucic, Stevenson or any number of those promising has-been broads who (bless them) couldn't handle the pressure.
Great story.
For those crying outrage, the next time Maria is playing a final: don't watch. Just be sure to come back for the French open final when Kusnetsova and Petrova are playing because chances are nobody besides us tennis addicts will be watching.
I wasn't a big Maria fan before, but I love the look of hunger in her eyes and the fact that she can do so much with so little.
Get that goon Michael Joyce out of the stands, how stupid can you be?


it is disrespectful for her to say shes not american when shes, using common sense, is more american than russian. but dont start trying to defend americans like we're all so damn perfect. patriotism? 85% of the nation disagrees with every step the government takes, what kind of patriotism is that?


OK. What I meant by patriotism was not to what the government does, but rather to the way America is. In other words, the fact that people are able to come here and make a millionaire out of themselves is a testament to this great nation. I am not saying Americans are perfect. Far from it. But, come on! What sharapova said after winning the freaking United States (America) Championship is so insensitive and stupid that it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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