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September 24, 2006



im pretty sure anyone from the top 25 has potential points of making it into the masters cup, its just very unlikely. murray would need GREAT results from now till the cup because he not only needs to get enough points to get into the top 10 but he also needs to make sure he earns enough points to pass blake ancic and all them ppl cuz its not like theyr gonna stop earning points either.


my friends are so weird. i love them.
check this out, my friend posted this though after i showed her some DC pics.

btw i think ancic can take nadal but then he has a bad record against him i think...he lost to him in 2003. on GRASS. T_T


lol, ancicfan. I love your friends, too. But seriously, the whole Davis Cup was like some kind of Greek lovefest. So much jubilation. I guess winning for your country must trigger the same sort and amount of endorphins as sex because most of the guys looked positively coital.


The level of delusion never ceases to amaze me...article about the Djoke. Apparently Federer is terrified of him.


Well does he still thinks Novak is a joke? I don't think so.

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