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September 24, 2006



I agree with Federer that Djokovic is a joke. He's a douchebag.

I remember at the French after Djokovic retired in his quarterfinal match with Rafa, he said it was a shame he had to quit because he felt he was outplaying Nadal and was in control of the match. Uhm yeah Novak you lost the first two sets 6-4 and 6-4. You weren't even close to outplaying Nadal or being in control of the match. What a tool.


What an indictment! Somebody needed to call out Novak and it was inevitable that it would be Federer. He is the only one with complete immunity in tennis nowadays. Nadal also qualifies, to a lesser extent, but he is smart enough to keep mum on a peer (with respect to their ages). Perhaps, the Serbian would cut the drama now?


BTW, did anyone else notice that Roger is reaching another peak in his form as the year draws to a close? He's playing as well as he did at Wimbledon, maybe even better. Pity the poor sap who gets in his way in Tokyo.


I thought Roger was sick in 2004 but this year has been just as impressive. His first half of the year had some bumps in the road with four losses to Nadal - three on clay mind you - but he's been untouchable the second half. His only loss coming to Murray when his tank was seriously on empty.

I think he'll play probably two indoor tournaments to get ready for the season-ending championships. He might not lose another match this year with the form he's been showing.

If he can figure out a way to beat Rafa at Roland Garros next year or if Rafa gets upset, Roger takes the Grand Slam in 2007. Nobody outside of Nadal has proved they can beat him on a big stage.


this is farby federer's best year yet


Honestly, I really believe that Roger beating Nadal at Wimbledon, and maybe another win against Nadal this indoor season will allow Roger to have the confidence to beat Nadal at Roland Garros. The courts are playing slower and Roger is becoming a better clay court player. Roger perfers a slow court believe it or not, so hopefully Nadal gets upset or Roger beats Nadal.


Agreed, Kelly and Stellcat.

Just a few toughts: if I had to pick, I'd say Rafael has a good chance of getting upset in France. I've been noticing that other players on the tour are really gunning for him (forgive the pun) in recent tournaments. Unlike their almost reverent attitude (well earned) towards Roger, they appear to have a new-found belief that Nadal can be beaten ANYWHERE if faced with a strong effort and - perhaps more importantly - seem reluctant to give him his due respect. Consequently, many of them have succeeded! Note: Roger has lost to only two different players this year; Rafael has lost to eight! Furthermore, Rafael seem to be suffering a little crisis of confidence of late, if you ask me.


he loses confidence when hes really just dominated, and thats happened quite often lately. and i dont think this is a new found belief, nadal was beaten plenty of times last year too. and when did roger say he prefers slow courts? just curious.


I think the quicker the clay court the better the chances Roger has of beating Rafa. I think Roger needs to be more aggressive, come to the net more and force the action. I think on clay he's just stayed back and tried to out-rally Rafa from the baseline. Rafa has then used his forehand to go attack Federer's backhand time and time again and he's got the better of him.

Hope they cross paths at the French Open again next year.


i hope roger beats him on some hard court this year. he needs a good demolishing match against rafa. like 6-4 6-0, u no?


Uh...I don't see that happening.

Anyway, Nadal and Federer will play against each other in Hua Hin in November. Interesting....


Well the 6-0 start at Wimbledon looked good...untill Nadal felt that he needed to show up in the second set. I remember in an interview when John McEnroe asked Roger about his favorite surface and Roger was saying how he liked a slower court. Anyway, Nadal was nearly beaten by Mathieu this year at Roland Garros. I *wish* that Nadal would be ousted by an American, the likely hood of that is like the chance I have of winning the lottery...



For me, bagels are an interesting (but, not comprehensive) measure of dominance in tennis. On that note:

-- Roger Federer inflicted his first bagel in 2001. Over 2001-2003, inclusive, he did it 12 times. He did it 12 more times in 2004 alone, following it up with 6 times in 2005. But in 2006, so far, he has won FIFTEEN 6-0 sets. His sublime bageling of Blake in USO QF was the 45th of his 8 year career on the ATP tour. How dominant is that? The master server Pete Sampras himself, in his 15 year career served up a total of 37 bagels. Incidentally, Rafael Nadal has accomplished this a quite impressive 16 times in his 4 years on the ATP tour.

-- On the other side of the coin, Roger himself has been thusly humbled 3 times, all of them in his first full season in 1999 (by Byron Black, Patrick Rafter and - better hold on to something - Vincent Spadea). He has not yet been bageled in this millenium. In contrast, Rafael Nadal has been bageled five times in his 4 year career; once even by Roddick! Pete Sampras suffered the ignominy 9 times in his 15 years.


thanks for the stats peacemaster, very interesting!


Congratulations for Argentinian players. Good luck in final too.

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