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September 15, 2006



Entertaining blog? Please, all Nikolai Davydenko talks about is Irina. Irina, Irina, Irina. He makes his blog sound like he does everthing Irina tells him to do. Dude, calm down. Irina's not going anywhere. Wait, I can't confirm that...


Did you guys read Bruce Jenkins article about top ten player of all time? He doesn't put Federer in the top 10! Catch it here:


I think we should give Nikolay a break. The man is obviously stupidly in love.

Re Cyrus' post above: simply ignore these "dinosaurs". They are beginning to show signs of senility. Soon, they will be extinct.


Good One. Jenkins, is he that young tennis player Jenkins dad?


Kolya is soooooooooo hot. I wish I was Irina. He gave her his credit card and let her go shopping hehe! Go Kolya!


Cyrus, you missed the part in the article where Jenkins said he and the others agreed to exclude Federer because his career is not yet over. Still, Jenkins considers Fed to be #4 at this point and rising. Fair enough, though a lot of us know better. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if Roger tops Jenkins' list when he is done. Jenkins is one of the few sportswriters who wrote favorably, even poignantly, of Roger during this last US Open. Go read it again.


i wouldn't say kolya is hot, but he does have a pitiful-cute look going for him.

like a little lost russian puppy. aw.


Re: dragonfly's post above - actually, Cyrus' point is still valid. Shockingly, Federer doesn't make the top 5 of most of these "dinosaurs" (re: my post above) even if they include him (apart from Jenkins, obviously). Case in point: Bud "The Wrong Prediction" Collins' column at

Brutally put, these relics do not seem to have the sophistication to appreciate tennis on a more aesthetic level.


Funny comment about Bud, Peacemaster, because I can remember when he wanted nothing more than to see Bjorn lose to Johnny Mac!

Of course he does still pick the wrong champion, this past USO he was "leaning toward Nadal"....


Man, I am pissed off as some of us actually have to do honest good work to make a living. These so called "relics" get every freaking tournament wrong and still get paid big bucks. Even a money could do these guys' job. Even McEnroe. He was saying that Nadal would be better than Federer if he won the U.S. Open regardless of beating Roger or somebody else in the final. I could imagine his point being right if Nadal had beat Roger, but Nadal beats Davydenko and he is better than Roger? How come? Roger's been to almost every final this year. Nadal has won some tournament but far worse record, if you will.


I don't get it. Dragonfly. Whether his career is over or not at this point the guy has won 9 Grandslams. He is going to break Connors' consecutive No.1 weeks record. How can you exclude him? Also, wasn't Jenkins the guy who said Gonzalez would beat Federer. Not Fernando, but the other one. I wonder how? If Roger's going to top his list when he is done, how come he claims that Roger can lose to this guy and that guy and the other guy? You mean to tell me that Agassi was better than Federer at any point of his career and he ended up in top 10 and Feds didn't? Please. That's just an excuse by Jenkins and Bill Center to bash Federer, bring him down a bit. He has won more titles than Connors, Agassi, McEnroe. He should be above these guys, period!


Hehe. I read that article 3 times to find that tiny winy sentence. No excuses! Federer is No. 4 right now. When he is one, he'll be top 2. Also, Sampras should be top 2. Gonzalez or no gonzalez, Sampras won 14 in the Open era. He got the most! Can't be 3. Not yet anyway.


Indeed, Rosemary. I, too, remember Bud's pick of Nadal to win the USO. He also picked Roger for the French and Nadal for Wimbledon, just before the respective finals...

Obviously, the man has a gift!


Check this out:,1,374792.story

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