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September 21, 2006



So, Myskina has a crush on Blake? Awesome, but Blake's GF or should I say ex-GF was much prettier than Myskina. Besides, Russian women are hardly family women, I have heard. Henin needs to retire period. If her health is keeping her down, she got to listen to her body or she'll end up like Agassi, crippled for life or close to that. Federer should score at least 2 against Bosnia though I am curious how he'll play Djokovic. Davis cup will be live on OLN for those of you in the U.S.


Blake might be able to get some From Russia With Love action going on this weekend in Moscow. There is something hot about Russian women.


i am most excited about safin-roddick match. theyve always produced some sick matches with, unfortunately, roddick winning the majority. im hoping for safin to win this one but who knows really. should be an exciting weekend to say the least.


Has the Russian Captain gone made. Safin and Youzhny over Davydenko? So, you mean to tell me that a one time French Open Semi Finalist is not better than Youzhny or Safin on Clay? I think Blake can beat Youzhny definitely. I give Safin edge over Blake, but I think Roddick can potentially beat Safin. That would leave Russia with the daunting task of winning the last 2 matches. The double against Bryan brothers and Youzhny against Roddick. Terrible move by Russian Captain. I would have given Davydenko the edge over Roddick.


Once again davydenko gets no respect. he's the number 1 russian for god's sake! blah. youzhny--ok; but safin? safin's either great or horrible, or both. davyd's middle name is consistency.


I think the Russian team has decided to throw their game against the Americans. I bet they have watched Pete Rose the other night, and have decided that there are better ways to make money. They know the american team is the underdog so they have put their money on those guys. By putting Safin and Youzhny there, Russia has shot itself in the foot.


jesus christ whats with all the criticizms. dont forget that americans still suck on clay. safin's made it to the semis of the french before, youzhny has a good basline grinding game thatll give him the edge over roddick atleast. safin should beat roddick and blake and youzhny should atleast beat roddick. so there u go. 3 wins for russia, theyr on to the finals.


I was also surprised by the Russian picks for the first day singles matches. I said a few weeks ago that Davydenko shouldn't have went to Beijing right after his long run at the U.S. Open. I thought when this first matchup was set, the U.S. had a snowballs chance in hell but now I'm thinking their chances are looking a tad better.

You never know which Safin is going to show up and clay isn't Youzhny's best surface. With Blake's athleticism and great movement, he should be a better player on clay but he's still got a shot against Youzhny. Roddick's hope is that he just can keep holding serve and get to tie-breakers and hope he can pull a few out. Safin imploding if it gets close wouldn't hurt either lol.

Sampras wasn't good on clay either but he had one great weekend on the dirt in Russia in 1995 so you never know with Roddick. Maybe Connors showed a few things to try and use on clay.

The Bryans are fired up for the doubles so i'm looking at them as a lock for a victory.

Argentina is going to roll over Australia but this tie might be pretty competitive.


btw, what do u mean theres something hot about russian women? theyr just hot. simple as that. yeah i think argentina will win but russia vs u.s. is gonna be mighty interesting and i think its the greatest thing that theres almost no way of knowing whos gonna win. it can go either way and thats the best part of any sport. it makes it that much more exciting. also, i think that if safin beats roddick and blake in the same weekend, hes gonna be a threat in the last 2 masters series. hes won each of them before and wins over roddick and blake would give him huge amounts of confidence so im hoping he has a great end of the year starting tomorrow.



I hate to rain on your parade, but Safin is the weakest link on the Russian team. Youzhny and Davydenko should have been chosen as they reached the semis of the U.S. open. They have performed way better than Safin. Safin might have a chance against Blake, but I think he'll lose to Roddick. 1-1
Youzhny might beat Roddick, but I don't see him beating Blake, so that's 2-2. Bryans win and that's match! But to be honest, I think Davydenko will play if Russia is 1-1 after the first day or behind.


last i checked blake is better than roddick on clay, and safin is better than both of them on clay. why would roddick beat safin on clay? i mean seriously look at their matches on freaking hard courts, theyve played like 10 tiebreakers in a row. and on clay safin should have the edge.


Did someone seriously suggest that the "All-Year Grand Slam Finalist" JH-H should retire... period? Geez, just give her a couple of months off and she'll be fine. Sure, she's historically injury prone, but she's shown that even when she's in and out of health she's an elite player. No doubt she'll need a nice long break (I wouldn't even suggest coming back for the Year End Champ), but retirement I would not recommend.

So James Blake and Anastasia Myskina get together... imagine what those kids would look like!


I am not saying Safin is a worse player than Roddick or Blake, but this Safin is not the real Safin. This Safin is the nonconfident, super fragile safin. I love nothing more than seeing Roddick lose to Safin, but I think between Blake and Roddick, Roddick has a slightly better chance than Blake to beat Safin. Roddick might not have to face Youzhny as if Davydenko gets the nod, he can devour Roddick on Clay. We'll see what happens. Henin, I am tired of seeing her retire game after game. It's becoming a trend now. She gets to final and retires. Please man! Either stay home and fix up or retire. I don't watch 2 weeks of a grandslam to see the final cut short by a retirement.


Hi, here's an article about the US/Russian teams from the International Herald Tribune. Apparently they think Davydenko's pretty worn out. Should be interesting to watch Andy & Marat!

MOSCOW In a matchup worthy of a Grand Slam final, Andy Roddick will lead off against Marat Safin on Friday in the opening singles of the Davis Cup semifinal between the United States and Russia.

In a surprise move, Russia's captain, Shamil Tarpishchev, on Thursday left Nikolay Davydenko - at No. 5 in the world the highest-ranked player on either team - out of the lineup for the best-of-five series beginning Friday on clay at the Olympic indoor stadium in Moscow.

Tarpishchev instead picked Safin, a two-time Grand Slam tournament champion and a former top-ranked player who has dropped to No. 72 after a series of injuries.

"It's the Davis Cup and the difference in 10, 20 places makes no difference," Tarpishchev said. "We have a very even lineup in our team and in terms of tactics it's the best solution for us."

Mikhail Youzhny will play James Blake in the second singles match on Friday.

Davydenko reached the semifinals of the U.S. Open two weeks ago, but withdrew from the quarterfinals of the China Open last week because of dizziness and apparently hasn't recovered completely.

"Mikhail is more confident and sees better than me," Davydenko said. "The first day is important for us and we must show a good result."


i think safin will win and blake will win on day one. u guys r giving too much credit to the bryans, i no theyre amazing but youzhny obviously figured out a way to beat them and might be able to do it again. but most likely the bryans will win so thats 2-1 u.s. then davydenko should be playing and he'll beat roddick. 2-2. and if its safin vs blake, safin should win so thats 3-2 russia. but who knows? im looking foward to watching it unfold this weekend.

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