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August 29, 2006



The Agassi-Pavel match was the first time watching tennis I felt that the crowd was unnecessarily and excessively rude. Andre, in the present incarnation, has always been a perfect gentleman. Consequently, at times during the match, I expected him to ask the crowd to root fair. Not that he was obligated to do so, but I felt he should have.

Well certainly the chair umpire should have. Some of the people in the crowd were definitely trying to disrupt Pavel on his serve in the part I saw. Unfortunately this goes on a lot in USO night matches, particularly when a player like Connors or Agassi is playing. Pavel handled it pretty well I thought. But no, it's never fair. If people can be asked not to snap photographs when golfers swing, they can be asked not to shout "Go Agassi" when Pavel serves.


Sorry that was me. My computer doesn't let me stay signed in :)

I watched up to the third set tiebreaker and then I turned off the TV in disgust. That is one "ugly" crowd.

I have nothing against Agassi but will root for Baghdatis in the second round.


I'm rooting for Baggy anyway because he's a hoot to watch. But yes, I hate it when these crowds (a lot of whom I suspect watch tennis once a year) try to make the opponent lose.


I agree with you, Rosemary. The chair should have been more insistent about crowd behaviour. However, it probably wouldn't have mattered. I felt only a request from Andre would have brought - and easily so - the spectators back in line.

Full marks to Andrei for keeping his temper in check (especially when he was jeered for using his challenges!). If I were him, I'm not sure I could have done the same.


In one of the replies to the Agassi-Pavel blog, someone mentioned a fan yelling "F*#k you!" at Pavel. I heard it too and couldn't believe it. Pavel played with so much heart and effort and didn't deserve the venomous taunting

Another unruly night match crowd but what do you expect out of New Yorkers. They want another Connors-type 1991 run and as long as Agassi plays at night, the behavior will be ridculous.

And since when do they play the Hey! song and Start Me Up between sets at a tennis tournament, let alone a major? It was a circus.


wow, stellcat. I ony saw parts of the agassi match...I missed that. That is a shame. Full marks indeed to Pavel for keeping it together--and for playing so well in the face of all that.


I was totally disgusted by the bahaviour of the crowd, too. Andre should have said something. Or at least made a "quiet down" motion. I'll be rooting for Baggy, too.

As for fed, well, what can you say. A class act all the way. And I think it's shameful the US Open scheduled him for the third day! He's the two-time defending champ, for heaven's sake!


If anyone's interested, a great interview with Fed at eurosport:

I have nothing against Agassi but I'm beginning to think that this announcement of his retirement at the US Open 2006 is not a class act and is ill-conceived.

Go Baghdatis and send a message to the hooting hooligans. Let's do it in three convincing sets.


If you remember also last year's US Open final, the crowd were cheering most of Roger's errors against Agassi. Very unfair and you could tell at the end when he yelled in celebration just how much Rog felt the negativity towards him. I understand their support of a legend like Andre but still it's not like Rog (or Pavel) did anything to deserve the treatment they got. It's not like Hingis at the French Open in 99 against Graf, crossing the net to point out a bad line call, which deserved heckling by the crowd. Both Rog and Pavel just happened to play against home-favourite Agassi and the crowd showed them no respect. I'm not going against Agassi tonight but I'll be smiling at the crowd's reaction if he loses, they'll get what they deserve.


Not much has been said about Nadia Petrova lately, after struggling big time to even win a match since her injuries, she's won 2 in a row for the loss of just 5 games. Can she pose a threat again?


I didn't get to see the US Open Final last year. I thought that the crowd would not do to Roger or Rafa or Roddick what they did to Pavel. I thought that it's open "hissing" season only on relatively lesser-known players.

I'll be with smiling with you when Baghdatis wins. And I wouldn't mind if the children of those hooligans get jeered at their little league games.


No smiles for Mark tonight

Agassi does it again!!!!

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