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August 23, 2006



What is going on with Blake's game? 5 match points. He served for the match in both the second and third sets and was instead broken both times. I think the pressure of being in the top 5 may be too much for him to bear. I'm scared for him at the uS Open. Come on James!

Maurice Williams

James Blake, I wish you all the best of Luck
in U.S. Open. Remember put more aces on
your serve; you don't want to waste your
time fooling around with your opponent. Always
keep the ball inside the court; don't blow
away the points and the last thing to
remember is keep your score points ahead;
finish the sets points and play to wins now.
Smile! Cheer for the Fans.

Your Best Friend/Teaching Pro Always
Maurice Williams

Maurice Williams

James Blakes, Andy Roddick, and The Byran Twins wishes
all of you good luck in Semifinal Davis Cup. Remember,
think as a tip-tap-top and put-away shots. Play to wins!
Aces on your serves because ya're thinking as a game
points. Smile!

Send me a photo autograph of ya. My address is Liberty
Nursing Center, 2005 Ashland Ave. Toledo, OH 43620.
Get back at me alright! I'm gone.

Your Teching Pro Fan Always
Maurice Williams

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