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August 20, 2006



Ah, he took the words right out of my mouth! After reading the article yesterday, I thought to myself how Jordan and Federer both seem to have the penchant for defying the laws of Physics. For Michael, it was Newtonian gravity; for Roger, the violation is even more fundamental, as he seems immune to the laws of conservation of momenta - both linear and angular.


I do not think he really approves the Apollon/Dionysos duality but Wallace thinks that people see and interpret it this way and that is what they are interested in...he tries to show that there is something beyond the "rivalry" that we should appreciate and there the Federer factor comes in...I do not think for a second that this article was about Nadal...he is only there as one of a negative example vis a vis what he calls beauty in effortless movement of Federer.

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