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August 18, 2006



Nadal just looked flat footed out there today. After a long rally he would bend over, he was streching out his left side today...I don't really know much about it. Nadal served 2 double faults in the first tiebreak, so I'm not really sure if his shoulder injury is hurting him again or what not, but I can tell you know, if he is hurt and for some godforsaken reason Federer gets hurt, I hope he doesn't, than both the men's and women's tour will need to look at the playing schedules to give the players more time off.


Even if they're not injured, the playing schedules definitely need to be revised.
The ATP and WTA need to a) wake up from their little state of denial (WTA) or b) finally decide on a different schedule like they *said* they were going to do since forever (ATP). I mean, how can the they make a change like on-court coaching (BAD) and even the line challenge system (IMO good) before revising this problem which threatens the very health of the players and therefore the tournaments and overall game of tennis?
It's beyond baffling.
And yes, Cincy so far seems to be the epitome of OMGWTF.

disclaimer: i'm a little whiny from lack-of-ancic-ness (he is out of USO T-T...and so is kimmy...double waa...)


A lot of men have been playing a lot of tennis lately -- but not Nadal and not Federer. They both took long vacations after Wimbledon. I've heard no press reports of injury to Nadal, but if it happened I don't think it can be blamed on his schedule. By the way, I am happy to have discovered this site. It is remarkable. And congrats to Juan Carlos on an impressive win. I'd love to see him back in business. Good luck to the Andy of your choice tonight (my choice -- roddick).


ugh *slaps forehead* my post was quite off topic and I forgot to mention a congrats to Juanqui. Fue absolutamente fantastico...I hope he can keep picking up his game like this. No comment on who I want to win in the Andy/Andy match.

P.S. could you imagine a more opposite pair? the surly rail-thin Scottish Napoleon Dynamite vs. the All-American Jock...the only thing they have in common is the pressure from their respective countries resting firmly on their shoulders, and ironically Murray's skeletal frame seems to be holding up a lot better than Roddick's muscle in that department. Let's see if fatigue catches up with him and makes a difference tonight...


Ancicfan: I totally agree, during the rain delay in the Nadal match they had the womens Rogers Cup match playing and they had a feature on on-court coaching. Hingis thinks that it's the next best thing since the tour started. I personally hate it like no other but what can I do? On the electronic line calling, I don't think that it is a bad idea, and I like the fact that the players can challenge but it is getting out of line. Andy Murray yesterday challenged the call on set point in the 1st set when he was at his chair, the music was playing and there was already a commerical break. That is too long of a time period to say if you want to challenge or not. And I think that Lars Graf shouldn't have let him challenge the call because he didn't make up his mind earlier.

small fry

Yay, the Mosquito is back! I did want Nadal to win but I can't help feeling pleased for Ferrero.

Kelly: someone pointed out to me tonight that electronic line calling hasn't stopped the arguments, just moved them along. Now players argue whether the point should be awarded or replayed, depending on whether or not the opponent was impeded by the incorrect line call. Which means it is a judgement call by the umpire - something the electronic line call was supposed to eliminate.

Wonder if I can stay awake till 1am to watch the two Andys...


thats a tough arguement. i mean if the ball was called in and it was challenged and proved to be out, then the challenger should get the point cuz his opponent missed. but if the shot was called out and proven in, then the point should probably be replayed cuz its not fair to the player who stopped running cuz of a miscall. but if a player thinks a shot is out when its in and stops running to challenge it and is proven wrong, then it shouldnt be replayed cuz he shouldnt have stopped. congrats to ferrero, i hope he keeps this form up. great way to back up a win over blake with a win over nadal.


Its really interesting and humerous hearing Andy Murray talk to Brad on court. You hear the frustration that he has with Brad, yet off-court they get along perfectly fine. Anyway, what do you think about Dinara Safina playing the night match and then having to play doubles with "suitable rest" after her night match? She'll be on court untill 2 am playing tennis.


Excellent match by Roddick. He is really using his forehand to dictate the game in a way he hasn't in a couple of years. Murray's constant yappering at Brad seems borderline pyscho. Not sure how this relationship is going to work out. Anyway, the Cincy tourney is turning out quite interesting.


This is the best I've seen Roddick play in a while. His forehand and serve were on as usual but his net play and backhand were actually decent or above.

He's gonna have to pick up his footwork for the next match though.

His attitude was also really great and fun to watch (although obviously it was done to get in Murray's head a bit and to keep him down.) Prefer it to Murray's mopin' anyways.

Props to the skinny dude though: he's hard to kill and he's had a tough/great weak. Biggest point for Murray: he needs to mature. I hate his petulance and yellin' at Gilbert. Pretty funny though...

All in all great match and really great win for Roddick.

He needed it.


Methinks that those US Open series commericals are something of a jinx. It's great to see Andre, Venus and (sigh) Kim hamming it up but it unfortunately seems that this may be the most that we'll see of them this summer.


Yeah where is Venus and her bling anyways??


Oh and I am SO happy for Juan Carlos, it's been a while since he's played some good tennis and today, at least, he looked like a top 10 player again. And to beat Nadal was good for his ego (not that he's egotistical but because of the whole Spanish thing). And it also goes to show that even if Roger loses early it's no automatic thing for Nadal to win the tournament. Nadal has yet to prove he has what it takes on US hardcourts. He won in Dubai yes, and also in Montreal last year but his record is not that good in the States. How do you think he will go in New York? Based on this form I don't think he'll win it but he's a good bet to make at least the quarters.


Andy Murray's apparent slowness: Is this for real or do you think he's playing games? He looks so damn tired in all his matches and yet he gets to many dropshots and chases down the ball nearly all the time. Granted he is 6 foot and has long reach but still, it looks deceptive. Thoughts?


That is Andy Murray, he moaps around the court acting like he is down on himself.

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