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August 19, 2006



I'm a Roddick - his personality not his tennis - fan.
When he played Murray, I thought he looked very beatable, sure he had a very positive attitude, but had (Stick Insect) Murray not been so worn down I think he could have won - remember the opening game cross court forehand? Once the first set was lost there was no way he could win that match.
But last night against Gonzo, Roddick looked great, his shots backed up his confidence.
Still want Juanqui to win though.


well, im rooting for roddick but i think ferrero has the upper hand in this one. this match is really hard to predict though. disregarding everything else, just by looking at this week, which is the most important thing, ferrero has had a much better week. he beat 3 top 10 players which i think is more than roddick beat last year. roddick both will have confidence but roddick will have the crowd so that will help too.


Roddick's up 4/0 in the second set after taking the first set 6/3. No matter how much I wanted Ferrero to win I knew Roddick would get through this one. How boring. Roddick's personality is great for the game, there's no denying that, but tennis-wise it's all serve and not much else. Credit to him for getting to the net more often but let's face it, his volleys suck. I just hope someone with a better game than Andy beats him in New York. I just don't want to go back to 2003 when Andy was the number 1 player in the world. How one-dimensional is he? Seriously? What happens when someone (like Rog) figures out his serve, what does he do then? And talk about arrogant (on court at least). He's so damn cocky and talks as if he deserves everything. Heck I'll even go for Rafa if they were to meet.


I just remembered though that last year Roddick made the final with impressive tennis (beat Lleyton Hewitt in straight sets in the semis) only to lose in straight to Roger. So for now it's safe to say that's it's not 2003 just yet.


Andy just won. I don't want to sound unhappy for him but he's acting like he just won a grand slam. We'll see buddy. I guess though he's had a miserable year so far so we can give him this one.

small fry

Actually, it was rather special seeing these two guys creating a 'comeback final'. Pity JC didn't bring his best game, but great to think they might both be coming back into form.

Although I have to confess that after years of enjoying Roddick's energised demeanor on court, I have really started to get irritated this week. It seems to have become an 'I'm entitled' arrogance. Sure, it works. Just not pretty, that's all. I suppose the difference between him and Nadal is that Roddick is all cocky strutting before he wins a point, and Nadal is all flamboyant celebration after he has won it.


It's funny; I ADORE Nadal's flamboyant celebrations and fist pumps and aggressive physicality; even Monfils' on court antics make me smile. But I ABSOLUTELY HATE Roddick's cockiness on court. I stopped watching at one point because it was getting so irritating. I just hate his game.

small fry

Thanks, Federated. You just said what I thought but was too chicken to say! :)


wow. i'm usually the first to criticize roddick (his cockiness, his poor attitude towards umpires, his terribly overrated one-dimensional game, his overexposure, even his heart throb status...i could go on) but i was actually quite happy to see him finally, FINALLY raise his game and win cincy. especially after this excruciatingly poor year.

let me clarify:

i'm happy that he's finally had some sense knocked into him and stopped playing 20 feet behind the baseline and i'm ecstatic that he finally has something resembling a backhand.

i've never really cheered for him or paid much attention to him, except in his press conferences. now it looks like he finally has some game to back up those, as well as the hype.

i'm not saying he's a complete player or close to one. but i think he's proven that he has the potential to no longer be a one-dime nsional one.

and that, i think, is good news for everybody.


y does everyone hate him so much? i love his asshole attitude. its so much fun to watch. with nadal its always the same, gets kinda boring after a while. but with roddick u never know what smartass comment hes gonna say to the umpire. its so funny. same with murray and his cursing and talking to gilbert, i love it! its the only thing i agree with pat mcenroe on, that its pure comedy. plus i think its good for andy to be cocky, it makes him play better and win more matches unlike when hes down in the slumps feeling sorry for himself wondering why hes losing to number 500 in the world.


Small Fry you put it best when you said Roddick had "I'm entitled" arrogance. I'd been trying to put it in those kind of words. And as much as I'm not a Nadal fan I prefer his flex-till-it-resembles-Everest celebration than Roddick's head-up-my-own-ass mutterings and you-don't-deserve-to-return-my-serve death stares.


My problem with Andy is only when he is being cocky to another player. He can comment to the umpire all he likes, that's fine with me, but when, for example, he goes and sarcastically tells Murray that the ball was out (if you didn't see, Murray chased down a short ball by Roddick who was at the net, and when Murray got to the ball he aimed it at Roddick but it sailed way long) that's just unnecessary. He should just get his revenge by winning the next point or whatever. And still even when he does win the next point he looks back at the opponent and gives them a 'that'll teach you to win a point against me' stare. That's what I don't like about him. He sure brings in a lot of fans though, I will give him that much.


i don't know. maybe it's just me, but when i think "andy roddick" i don't think "asshole".

he does get cocky but that's a different story. he's pretty into the fair play thing...respects those who beat him, deals with his losses disarmingly well...

the stares are a mental thing... like nadal's biceps... he's trying to psych 'em out a bit. but really...who doesn't do that sort of thing? and the remarks are more out of humor than anything.


oh my god i can't believe i'm defending andy roddick.


I do think that some of Roddick's on court comments are funny; and I love his press conferences--the guy is just flat out funny. I just hate the American frat boy vibe he has on court. I can't warm to Robby Ginepri for a similar reason--just that meathead frat vibe of his. Call me biased, but I just despise that kind of sensibility.


right. i totally agree with you and that's why i'm not a roddick fan.

but that's kind of different from just being an asshole.

the roddick thing... that's more of a cultural bit, isn't it? just being from the midwest (and texas) and being a would be hard to be otherwise.

okay i'm gonna drop this subject now.


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