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August 19, 2006




i've been looking forward to this for a while ^_^


That's a fantastic article. I want to thank Mr. Wallace for expressing with infinitely more eloquence what I attempted to futilely pontificate a week ago: "TV tennis is to live tennis pretty much as video porn is to the felt reality of human love."

A week after I saw Roger in the semifinal and final in Toronto, I'm still trying to absorb the experience and the impression it made on my mind. It is rather interesting that, I too, could come up with only one comparison: a “bloody near-religious experience.”

In case anyone's (especially Federerheads) interested, I posted the HQ versions (which could be used as wallpapers) of a couple of the best (most artistic, IMHO) photos I took of Federer at the Rogers Cup final on my photoblog. If you wish, you can download them here. I couldn't upload all the photos in high res due to bandwidth limitations.


Thanks Peacemaster!

p.s. lmao on "Fedheads" term


My pleasure. Actually, I like your suggestion of "Fedheads" more than "Federerheads". The former has more of a rhythm to it.


Heh, I like it. I was always an Edhead, now I'm also a Fedhead.

That article is tremendous. I've already saved it to my computer. Thanks!


Fedheads unite!

I sent the link to my (non-tennis playing/ non-pro tennis following) friend and she sent me back an e-mail saying:

"Just reading this makes my heart thump in excitement."


I've sent it to non-tennis fan friends whom I've talked about tennis to ad nauseum, too. I'm hoping this makes them see the light! I think I may already have one convert ;-)

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