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August 24, 2006



Davenport has a chance to win. She looked sharp yesterday in her match, and as long as she doesn't get down on herself she can pull this out.


wow. you're not the only one...i had no idea.


What is that supposed to mean ancicfan?


sorry kelly... i meant it as a reply to the post. should be clearer. i don't know why but when i posted ur comment didn't appear on my screen...

the post says: "Whoa, whoa , whoa. Lindsay Davenport vs. Amelie Mauresmo tonight at 10pm EST? Kuznetsova v. Dementieva...really soon? Both on ESPN2? Wow. Where have I been?"

so i said: wow. you're not the only one...i had no idea.

yeah okay my bad...i'll try to make that clearer next time

Davenport won 6-4, 7-5. Mauresmo almost got back into the match but kept losing serve at love after breaking back. Old "mental" Amélie back when facing Lindsay across the net, or is Amélie saving it for the Open? Who had more to prove tonight?


I understand, no hard feelings. Im sorry if it came out kinda demanding. Congrats to Lindsay, great win!!!!! If she does beat JHH in the final, she could be a contendor at the Open. Hopefully Lindsay doesn't have to face JHH in the quarters though...

amelie really has problems with lindsay and the williams sisters...remember that comment hingis made about the bunch of them always beating her?

Kristeta Aquino

Yes, Davenport, Hingis and the Williams sisters will easily beat Mauresmo any given day. She's easily intimidated.


I just think that Davenport gives Amelie so much trouble because she hits the ball so flat, heavy, and it stays so low, its hard to keep on constantly hitting them. When Amelie hits a heavy topspin ball, Lindsay is so tall that it is right into her strike zone.


That is so not true, Kristeta! In their head-to-head meetings, Venus Willaims leads 5 to 3 over Mauresmo, but Mauresmo has won the last three matches between them. The last time Venus Williams beat Mauresmo was in 2002. Hingis leads 7-6 over Mauresmo. But Maruesmo has won the 4 last matches they've played. Her last two victories were in 2006. The last time Hingis beat Mauresmo was in 2001.


Wow. That was just depressing. I didn't even watch it on ESPN2. I just fell into depression-mode slumber and my roommate had to wake me up and cheer me up. Thank God I have her; if I was at home I'd probably be cutting myself right now or something.

Life sucks sometimes.


Momofan, cheer up! Isn't this the best year ever to be a Mauresmo fan? 2 Grand slams in one year for heaven's sake!


Momofan don't feel bad, she did beat Sharpie and JHH this year, shes number 1, and has 2 grand slams, one being Wimbledon, an amazing feat. So don't feel bad, get glad!


Whats about Serena's record over Mauresmo, i think its somethin like 9-1 or 9-2. Correct me if im wrong.

Spud Dog


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