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August 13, 2006



He lives in Chile? Whoa I thought he was from Argentina!


He is! I assumed this meant that his coach is Chilean.


De la Pena is Argentinean. After working with Gonzalez during his rise and particularly after gold medals at the Olympics the Chilean public really embraced De la Pena to the point where they offered him the Davis Cup captaincy and he took up residency in the country.


Guillermo Coria is all hope of Argentina. Other argentinian players are up-to date in bad form. David N. is a little too fat. He has difficulties with movement on the court. Gaston G. does not play very good too. The other player ( J. Acasusu, J,. Chela ) play rather one-sided. With this play one cannot do anybody over throats. Guillermo had talent ton of tennis. Perhaps he returns to the great form.


Guillermo for You: All the best, successes and good luck!

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