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August 10, 2006



Well... Who would of thought... Venus withdrawing. I wasnt expecting that one coming. Oh well she might as well retire for a few years so she can have a long recovery period. She will then recover then return play two tournaments and then complain of injury again. The plot thickens, she returns plays a few tournaments then has another wrist injury. Actually its quite boring now. People shouldn't mention Venus anymore as shes becoming a dissapointment, its always bad news.


Well I for one am very disappointed that BOTH players had to withdraw, but especially Amelie. Andrew, a wrist injury can be very painful and lord help you if you re-injure it in any way. I know, I had a wrist injury when I fell while playing tennis during Spring Break and I was worried sick that I wouldn't be able to write, play piano, or even feed myself with my right hand. Venus is the only player I know who tapes BOTH wrists WHENEVER she plays, because she's had a chronic wrist injury since her early days on tour. So let's be a little considerate, shall we?

As for Amelie...I feel like crying. :( I hope my baby girl gets well soon because this is so BORING without her. I don't know what's going on with her either because it was initially a groin injury that kept her out all these weeks, so I have no clue how she strained her shoulder. But I heard she had been having problems with her shoulder at the beginning of this year or the end of last year, so maybe this is the best thing for her to do in light of the fact that the Open is just a few weeks away. Still, I'm mighty disappointed that I won't be able to see her next week. :(


More bad news...JHH is out too. I just read it on her official website (in French). Apparently her knee is still hurting so she's being cautious and resting for a little while more. This means JHH will go into the Open with NO match play on the US hardcourts this year. Amelie will play ONLY Pilot Pen, the week before the Open, and Venus will probably also go in "cold."

Injuries suck. :( :(


Patty Schnyder's out, too. But she'll be playing in New Haven the week before the Open.


That is IF they play the Pilot Pen, since it is only a week before the US Open, would they play if they are not 100% and risk injury beore the final grandslam? Why is Schnyder out, i never heard about her pulling out from the Rogers Cup. Interesting that it started out as an awesome tournament with it seems like every player, and then injurys can ruin the player list.


I think Patty is just tired, not injured. She has played three weeks in a row (Cincy, Stanford, San Diego), and she's gotten far in all those draws. And I surely hope Amelie plays Pilot Pen if she's healthy enough because I don't want her going into the Open "cold," without any match practice.

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