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July 30, 2006



Always Nadal vs Federer is boring.

Djokovic shows an impressive performance again. Maybe you wake up and notice him one day.

Haas vs Tursunov is interesting too. Both play tennis, which is nice to watch.


Okay wow i dont get how one can be a tennis fan when one only wants to see the same two players. As much as i enjoy the rivalry between the the two of them i actually like these other smaller tournaments for a change so i dont have to watch the same two players win every week because that is whats boring.


Well, not that we want to disturb your (yawn) nap or anything, but, if the finals this weekend aren't to your liking, perhaps we can turn our focus to next week's tournaments where all the big names are supposed to be back in action!! Hmmmm.....let's start with the Acura.....Henin, Lindsay, Venus and a wild-card for Serena!! ....OH WAIT.....never mind- they all withdrew. What really, REALLY sucks about this- because let's face it- we've seen this type of crap all too often lately- is that someone like Serena took a wild-card to enter only days ago and STILL withdrew. Then you have someone like Amy Frazier, a 20 year vet playing her 10th Acura- who is forced to QUALIFY, even though she's ranked inside the top 50 in the world. I'm sorry, but, this is absolutely disgusting and I'm glad that the organizers in San Diego have spoken out to say that even if the Williams' want to play there next year they won't be put on the list. Now, there's a SMACKDOWN for ya!!! Long time coming.



I miss Rajah and Rafa as well, but we'll have plenty of time to see them over the next few weeks.

I can't wait to see Clijsters-Schnyder and Haas-Tursunov. I think these both have the potential to be great matches.

As for the Williams sisters, yesterday they were both photographed partying and going to a movie premiere. The injuries could very well be legitimate (and I heard in Venus' case, at least, that it is), but it doesn't look good when you plead injury yet are seen at parties and other entertainment events. Then they both wonder why people question the severity of their injuries and their committment to the sport.

People shouldn't be surprised when they pull from events anymore - they have a long history of doing this sort of thing. Of course they're not the only ones who do it, but they do it more then anyone else.


Man, I'm getting alot of GUFF for that headline, lol. I'm actually really excited about Haas-Tursunov-but won't be able to watch it as I'm visiting with a friend who doesn't have cable.

Next week is looking juicy, and I'll be back to more/full-bodied posting when I get back home in a few days!

Holla at ya boy

Finally a tournament director speaks out !!!!!!!!!!! I think that Serena played in the Cinncinnati tournament only because Wilson was getting ready to begin their "W" line advertising.....The Williams' "Sistas" need to just go pursue their other interests. At this point of their career they are bad for tennis !!!!!!!


C'mon know we love you and wouldn't be doing our job to let you off the hook THAT easily. :)

RE: the Williams clan....Ally makes a good point and it is one that I have argued on here before. The apparent conflict facing both Venus and Serena between career paths. Do you honestly expect any of us to believe that a highly paid "professional" athlete would come back from injury as Serena did without consulting with doctors on her playing schedule? I mean, you play Cincy because you say you've been cleared and are healthy. Then you ask for and get a wildcard for San Diego. WHOOPS, then you withdraw saying your doctors have advised you not to play too frequently? I mean, give me a break. Lame, Lame, Lame.

I could care less what these two want to do or how they want to do it....act, design, sing, party, pretend to be red carpet worthy, whatever....just stop attempting to mislead and misrepresent the tennis world- your fans included. It's incredible to me that SOMEONE close to them hasn't nudged them on the arm to say, "hey, do you realize how stupid you look?" (and boy would be easy to tee off on THAT remark!)

I would just rather not even talk about them anymore because they treat us, the industry, and all those around them who are RESPONSIBLE for bankrolling their livelihoods like absolute crap. It's nonsense.


Hey guys. I actually saw the Schnyder vs. Golovin SF last night LIVE (I live about half an hour away from Stanford), and I've got to say, Live Tennis is a lot different from what you see on TV. For some reason, the ball seemed to be moving a lot SLOWER. It was weird. I thought Schnyder wore Golovin down after that marathon first set, and I was surprised by Schnyder's mental toughness. She lead 4-1, got broken back to 4-3, and then trailed 3-0 in the tiebreak before hitting some great winners off the line and some beautiful shots at net to take the first set 7-6(4). The second set was quiet uneventful after that spectacular tiebreak, mostly due to Tati's fitness, I think. Schnyder made her MOVE a lot. It was loads of fun, but unfortunately sooooooooo expensive ($120 for me and my dad, and $10 in addition to that for parking!!!). Oh, I also saw Mary-Joe Fernandez (*squeal*!) and Todd Harris (who?!) like 30 feet away from me. I wanted to take a picture of her but our poor sorry old digital camera didn't let me. :( OH, well. I guess I'll be watching the final on ESPN2 now, which really REALLY sucks cuz I wanted to see Clijsters live, but I'm happy I got to see Patty and Tati last night and it was a really great experience! :)


I would just rather not even talk about them anymore because they treat us, the industry, and all those around them who are RESPONSIBLE for bankrolling their livelihoods like absolute crap. It's nonsense.

Amen Brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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