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July 18, 2006



A massive well done to Serena Williams ranked 140 in the world who just returned to the WTA and just absolutly crushed Myskina ranked 11 6-2 6-2 in a staggering 57 minutes. And yes thats what they call a beatdown. Serena is on her way back and she has just proved it.


She just killed her. She is back ,and the pictures of the match are great. She is so Fit now, those 6 months really did her body good!

I wonder what Serena haters could say, haha


I didn't see the match, but Serena obviously played extremely well to win by that score. Myskina had actually been playing solid tennis the past few months, so this is an outstanding effort from Serena.

Serena had no pressure on her to win this match, no one would have been surprised if she had lost. I can only imagine that she went out there swinging freely and feeling fresh and relaxed, both mentally and physically.

If Serena can keep this level of play up, the women's tour just got that much more interesting.


I'm a Serena hater but I'm glad. I hope this is the start of a great comeback. As much as I hate her game, she is definetly one of the greatest female tennis players ever winning like 6 slams in a row or something. I hope she comes back to tennis and starts dominating, unless Hingis wants to do that, then I root for Hingis.


Looking at the draw, Serena should get through the next couple of rounds easily. She plays Bethanie Mattek next and that match will be interesting for the sole reason to see if Mattek will try and upstage her second straight Williams sister with her unfortunate fashion choices.

Then, she would play the winner of Dulko-Frazier, where Serena would also be clearly favored. Next could be a potential encounter with Jelena Jankovic, which I would pay good money to see.


I can't believe it.....For 6 months Serena runs around looking like she's preganant with twins and then she wins a match and she's officially back ??????? I hear from good sources that Myskina was out late last night pounding the drinks (I'm assuming it had to be vodka) until she puked several times outside a local Cincinnati hotspot (thanks for the tip John L.). Obviously, this is explains Myskina's effort. Oh yeah, SERENA STILL SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!


i don't understant why people feel the urge to insult other players just because they don't like them. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!


If Serena Sucks, Myskina shouldn't even be a player on the tour. She got squashed!


Serena Tied the Serve Speed Record along with Venus!
Video Clips!!!


How the hell can Serena suck, if anyone sucks it is Myskina. Serena's had alot more success in her career than Myskina. Think about it, she just proved it by coming back after 6 months and literally wiped out Myskina. How can anyone who likes the game tennis not respect an all time great like Serena.




you are a loser BOB


Bob, what sources said that Myskina was pounding back drinks last night? Im not a big Serena fan but I do give credit to her, she did rededicate herself to tennis and played well. Myskina didn't play her best match though, her top serve speed was almost 3o mph less than Serena's and you know that Serena attacked her second serve. It would have been an interesting match if Myskina's serve didn't let her down.


Bob, this is a forum for discussion, not for yelling slogans. If you don't understand the difference, please get off my blog.

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