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July 03, 2006



Maybe I'm just looking at things the wrong way, but this Wimbledon has been disappointing. Hingis losing to Sugiyama was a huge let down. Jankovic beating Venus was probably the most surprising, but, to follow it up with today's loss to Myskina of all people....something just seems out of kilter. Perhaps tomorrow will tell a different tale, but, for now, it looks like the usual suspects will make their typical waltz to the semifinals. For me, I'm rooting for the underdogs.


I hear you, Richard. I STILL can't believe Hingis lost to Sugiyama after holding a 3-0 (two break!) final set lead!!!!! Mommy must have spanked her after that loss. But in all seriousness, this sucks. I wanted a Henin-Hingis QF, not Henin-Bremond (who?) and Clijsters-Kuznetsova, not Clijsters-Li, although Li might make it interesting the way she's been playing. And even though Maria Sharapova played like cr** today, she will probably waltz into the SF when Elena D. does her usual 27 df's in the first set "thing." My only hope is Mauresmo beating Myskina. That should be a good match shot-wise, but I'm nervous nonetheless for my girl Amelie given how great Myskina's been playing lately. The rest of the matches' results seem set in stone, unfortunately....


i think this wimbledon overall is bull shit. 3 spaniards and no americans in the second week! this isnt roland garros!! you dont see them speeding up the clay, why should they slow down the grass. i mean it does make sense but they slowed it down waaaaaaaay too much if there are all these spaniards and NADAL who shouldve lost in the second round!! the women's side is pretty crappy too with all these chinese (nothing against chinese people) women kicking everyone's ass. theyr like 3 feet tall and theyre beating giant russians. unbelievable. atleast the top 4 seeds are still around, unlike the men's draw :(


wow sensationalsafin. this time you've even outdone yourself with your crude racist views. na li is 5'7", the same height as JHH, and she really took it to Vaidisova and Sveta! She deserves to be in the QF, she's playing really well! Why is it so unbelievable that incredible shotmaking can beat "giant Russians"?


I agree, Wimbledon isn't "Wimbledon" anymore. There are too many dissapontiments. Jankovic lost to a red hot Myskina so don't count Myskina out in her match with Mauresmo, she may pull an upset. Mauresmo did lose to Dechy in the warm-up tourny. Henin-Hardenne will be pushed hard I think, she has won just way to easily. It will be a Henin-Hardenne/Clijsters Semi-final with JHH probably prevailing. I like Dementieva against Sharapova because Sharapova played horrible and Dementieva will just go out getting every ball back making Sharapova hit the extra ball. Not to metion the fact that Pennetta did that today, but Pennetta just ran out of gas in the end, and Sharapova had over 40 errors so there is hope. I wonder if Sharapova is having some shoulder issues though, her serve was awfully slow compared to her other matches, so maybe her shoulder problem has come back.


Sensational Safin, it is the same thing in Wimbledon, RG or any tournament, Safin is not there any more.

Only best players!!

Safin needs a new brain.

There are no americans, and the reason is not that Wimbledon changed, nor grass. The reason is that Agassi is old, Roddick is off, and USA do not have real top players now.

I regret it since I love tennis american way.


The US has so many other sports to play than tennis though. Unlike Europe where it is soccer than tennis, in the US it is football, baseball, basketball, soccer.

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