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July 14, 2006



Well done, Feli, Richie and Nikolai re: making the finals! I really want to see Lopez v. Gasquet. blah, tennis video coverage.


Philippouissis wins in three over Melzer!
And Gimestob broke Murray at love to take the first set 6-1


Gimelstob defeats Andy Murray in straights, 6-1, 7-6(4). Wow. It'll be a Scud-Gimelstopdivingforyourfreakinvolleys (disclaimer: not my nickname, belongs to Ryan on Bodo's blog) final tomorrow. I can hardly wait...


WOW. GIMELSTOB WON? Good for Justin. I thought Murray would take him out easily.


ditto. i kind of wanted murray to win but at least american tennis has a bit of a pulse still...albeit a very very faint one :/

lol...anyways marin cilic did pretty well in this tournament. gave lopez a bit of a run didn't he? he's like baby mario ^^

wait...does that make goran a grandfather....nvm


Murray is kind of a funny character. He beats Roddick then loses horribly. Or he cruises through a tournament and then loses to an unexpected player that should be a walk in the park for him to beat.


Murray needs BG on his team PRONTO. It will be interesting to see what Murray will accomplish with an actual "coach," and not just his mom, on board.

Federated, I am the "Bad News Bear" today. Lindsay Davenport has just pulled out of Stanford. The news is here:

Lindsay! Noooooooooooooo! :(


Maybe she will come back for the Acura Classic, shes been out since Indian Wells, people said that she was ready to play at Stanford. Hope she plays at San Diego. What do you think of Serena's first rd opponent at Cincy? Myskina or Serena?


Serena, i'm afraid...mytskina's 2 big a headcase to beat even a rusty serena, and myskina's serve is a HUGE liability.


Lindsay, Lindsay. At this rate she'll pull a seles or capriati and just fade away. That's a shame. I hope she gets healthy soon.


Myskina's serve may not be great, but she has been playing well. And the hardest part of Myskina to beat is her speed, she can run for hours and still have energy to move. Serena hasn't played since Australia so you have to question her match toughness. It won't be a easy match to win for Myskina but I would say Myskina in 2 sets, 7-5 6-4

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