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June 25, 2006



Adidas sportswear company was started by German athlete Adi Dassler - that's how it got its name.


Piratas may be beautiful to some people, but butt-picking in piratas is a DEFINITE no-no.


He only butt-picks cuz he's nervous. That's what makes it cute:)


Who do you think is going to be defaulted due to their outfits at this years Wimbledon?


haha then nadal must be nervous A LOT.

it doesn't bug me though...i find it funny and weirdly endearing.

I don't think anyone is going to be defaulted due to their outfits. some will probably be warned and then they'll change. no big deal. i could be wrong though, sometimes i give these people a little too much credit :P


Wimbledon approved Nadal's pants, in fact they are more worried about womens "too revealing" outfits. Like at the Australian Open, sometimes when Sharapova would serve, her dress would come above her shorts. Wimbledon is more worried about men coming to the matches to see the clothing than to see tennis. But then again, Wimbledon is a club and I believe that you should be held to classic rules, even if that includes putting a dress code limit above wearing only white.

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