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June 23, 2006



What a horrible draw for Amelie, starting from the second round itself! Luckily for Amelie though, she can face only either Dinara or Ana in the 4th round, not both. But still --Venus in the quarters? If both Amelie and Venus are on form, that could be THE match of the tournie, since they haven't ever played on grass before. *Sigh* I guess this is her reward for being the #1 seed: Venus in the quarters.


Amelie and Venus have never met on grass??!?!!??! WOW. Here's to hoping they both make it.


i definitely want to see that match. i hope mauresmo wins it but i bet it'll be spectacular either way.


This draw is oddly similar to the RG draw a few weeks ago.

They really stuck it to the #1 seeds this year in terms of nasty draws. I would love to see Mauresmo get through her section but she's got more roadblocks in her way then Maria and Venus do in theirs.

Unless Maria suffers another shock upset, I see a repeat of last year's semi between Maria and Venus. With her draw, if Maria loses before the quarters she really needs to sit down and re-evaluate her game.

Once again, just like in Paris, Henin-Hardenne, Hingis, and Clijsters are all on the other side. I expect one of those three to be in the finals.


Yeah, Venus and Mauresmo always manage to have really spectacular (non-GS) matches, which usually go the distance. As much as I want Momo to win, though, she really has a tough draw. I mean, she has got to get her bu** into shape from Round 2 itself if she wants to be "match-tough" enough to play Venus well. Here's to hoping that playing doubles with Sveta at Eastbourne this week helped her sort out any of the "kinks" in her game...

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