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June 23, 2006



the british players really don't have it easy this year...murray vs. massu and rusedski vs. safin in r1, and potentially henman vs. federer in r2? talk about luck of the draw


well im rooting for safin all the way. but even with a tough draw the chances of federer losing have gone from extremely slim to still very slim.

true...but it's weird how much easier nadal's draw is than fed's. he has no chance of losing until the third round v. agassi and the old timer doesn't really have that much of an advantage over nadal. fed could be upset in the early rounds...


yeah nadal's draw does look pretty damn easy, even with agassi in the third round. but don't forget, nadal has gotten better sure, but on grass he can still be upset by a no name at any given time so it wouldnt even be surprising if he lost in the first round.


Fed's draw is just nasty. Well, at least no one can excuse Fed of having it easy. If he can make it through that murderer's row, he richly and fully deserves a fourth straight Wimbledon title.

I like Nadal a lot, but I can't see him losing before the quarters, barring another shoulder problem. I have my doubts that Agassi will even make it to Round 3 and if he did I think Nadal can take him (as much as I would love to see Agassi make another strong Slam run). Nadal could potentially face Mardy Fish in Round 4 but Fish is so inconsistent he could lose well before that.

The men's draw is very interesting. How big of a shock would it be if Fed loses early?


didn't nadal already beat fish on grass? in queens? no? i may be making this up so don't quote me.

i think it would be a shock but i wouldn't really be surprised. he has the draw from hell and he's never at his best in the early rounds.


right, ancicfan. And Gasquet's just made the finals of Nottingham and will have a ton of confidence as well as great lead-in preparation. I'm very worried for Roger.


If Roger can get through Halle running on pure "reserve" batteries or whatever it was in the aftermath of the RG final, I have no doubt that after one week of rest, returning to his kingdom, the Rajah will sweep aside any "contenders" on his way to the four-peat. Having said that, I still hope Gasquet "rises to the occasion" and doesn't allow this to become a RoboFed blowout. Gasquet has a beautiful game as well, but Roger's the King of Wimbledon. I don't see anyone changing that, really. If Roger can get through the nightmare first rounds, I guarantee he'll be virtually untouchable come the second week, when he's facing the so-called "big boys" -- you know, the ones he owns.

Carl H

As richly deserving of his status as Federer is, I think it would tremendous for the men's game if Gasquet beats him in the first round. We all know that Gasquet has the game and ability not only to beat Federer, but to make it to the top tier of the game. After a wretched first half of the year, this kind of upset could be the watershed point in his young career. It would be more than just your occasional fluke (e.g. Muller d. Roddick, '05 U.S. open); it would mark the rise of the man who may be destined to challenge Nadal for the top spot in 2009. Speculative and a little dramatic? Yes, but....


lol, nice...i'm all for gasquet rising to his potential but i'm still rooting for a fed fourpeat.


Poor Rog has the worst draw - Gasquet will be very tough to get past. He has the confidence that he is one of the few who have beaten Federer, plus he's having a great Nottingham run up. Even Timmy has been playing pretty well.
Lets hope Roger's up to it.
I think he should have had a good rest by now - I think his performance at Halle was a reflection of his mental and physical exhaustion after RG.
As someone said IF he wins this year its going to be his best win.
I think if he gets through the minefield of the first week which is worst usually, he'll be ok. But honestly I'm nervous for him.


Gasquet has the game, but this is Centre Court, Wimbledon. Roger has shown mental toughness time and time again, and he almost certainly realizes that everyone thinks he's vulnerable right now. Such champions typically rise to the occasion.

If Gasquet takes down Federer, it will definitely be a flashback to 2001 when Roger beat Pete in that classic Wimby match.

Either way, Gasquet's in the top 10 by the end of this year, beginning of next year.


I vote that we kick out A-Rod from the top 10 unless he reaches the final of Wimbledon again this year and at least the QF of the USO to make up for the abysmal 1st half of the year he's had and we put Gasquet in the top 15 if he has a good summer hardcourt season and gets to the 4r/QF of USO (of course, he has to be blessed with the right draw -- no more RF in the first round). But Gasquet was #12 before. There's no doubts about his game. It's all about his fitness/health/mentality. But I have faith. I love the kid.


my sentiments on gasquet exactly. i think both he (gasquet) and ancic belong in the top ten and andy and davydenko really don't. unless andy really shapes up that is (and i don't think he will this year). davydenko is just too poor a player on grass and too mediocre on clay to be considered top 10. his hard court skills aren't overly impressive either. i mean he's good, obviously, but not good enough to make up for the rest of the season.


I agree with the thoughts on Gasquet and Roddick. Gasquet's got immense talent. I'm no fan of Roddick's tennis (thoughhe seems like a nice guy) so I am sort of hoping he falls out of the top ten after wimbledon.

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