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June 28, 2006



Hey federated! I'm definitely looking forward to Santoro vs. Berdych b/c Berdych is like "baby Marat," and we all know how successful Santoro is/was against Marat! Mirza vs. Dementieva will be a good one too, with an UFE:winners ratio of something like 147:52 and many, many breaks of serve.

I got WimbledonLive last night, and it ROCKS. Sooo much better than TV cuz you can switch matches if they get too one-sided/boring, and the commentators are far better than the goofball crew ESPN has got.

Feli's just won the third set 7-5, so I daresay we're in for a good fourth set. This one might even go the distance. They've already got a combined 27 aces! At one point, Feli was 33/33 of first serve points won (he's now 43 of 49, still decent)! Myskina's just bageled Cara Black, and I love her style, so I think I'll go watch her now. Man, Wimbledon rocks! :)


I'm glad you gve in, momofan, lol! It's absolutely worth the money.


Anyone see the Davydenko match? What happened?


Wow. Lopez has leveled the Ljubicic match at 2 sets all. Ljubicic is 6-12 lifetime in 5 set matches.


wow, just saw your post, Jack, about Kolya. Didn't see Well, wondering what the next upset will be. I've never even heard of Falla.


I quite fancy Ljubicic falling to Lopez. The 5ht seed was leading 2 sets to 0 but Lopez played very well from the 3rd. Volleying amazingly, serving even better. And Lopez did well to break Ljubicic at the end of the 3rd set to love, and took it 7-5.

4th set saw the momentum clearly shifting, with one particular service game where Lopez was down 15-40 but showed great mental fortitude to come back and hold serve.

5th set now and it's 3-3. Very good match to watch right now. I hope F.Lo wins. Vamos Feli!


I'm watching the Lopez-Ljub match right now and the tension is insane. Feli saved a match point on break point and has been playing with a serious amount of heart. 5-5 in the 5th now, THIS is why I'm a Feli fan. Vamos!


Ivan just wasted another match point, I hope that this match goes to 15-13 in the third, you don't see that very often at any of the other grand slams.


This is killing me that I am at work and can't watch the Ljubicic-Lopez match. So far it's 9-9 in the fifth! I love these kinds of matches.

Ginepri had a crap year last year until the summer hardcourt season - he has a lot of points to defend this summer, he's in real trouble if he doesn't start doing well again.

I still can't believe Davudenko lost.


Davydenko - sorry.


What a heartbreaker for feli, to lose 11-9 in the 5th. But I really hope this gives him confidence for the hardcourt season. He played some marvelous, marvelous, brave tennis out there.

Also, people always say that feli's getting old and that his mental strength should be stronger at his age. I say that Feli's got the body of a natural athlete, and that it will hold up fine for a few more years and maybe he needs ljubicic-like time to get his head together. Maybe his peak wasn't his great 2004...perhaps it's yet to come in a few years, like ivan's did.


well, the main event's about to start! Federer Henman! Bring it ON.


Poor Feli...I was really rooting for him. I thought he would win it for sure after saving that first mp at 4-5 in the fifth. Unfortunately I was watching the Nalbie-Clement match while it was going on so I don't know what happened at the end of Ljubo-Feli. Can I just say?:

ESPN sucks (they're showing Roddick-Tipsarevic! instead of Rajah vs. da Hen)

WimblyLive rocks (I can watch whatever I want and no annoying Mary Carillo, Enberg, or Cliffy)

Yeah WimblyLive! Best $20 I've spent all summer. Addicting as he** though.


I'm a terrible American, I'm rooting for Tipsarevic.


Is anyone else having trouble with the streaming of the Fed-Hen match? Mine keeps rebuffering and then playing for a couple of seconds and then rebuffering again. Weird...

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