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June 04, 2006



tough matches all around but i called safina d. sharapova in three (whose the best in the family now?) and ancic d. robredo although that one was more of a false hope than anything since robredo is a better clay courter than mario and beat him in hamburg. surprisingly though, mario (with his serve and volley game) has had an excellent clay court record so far this seems his RG roll is coming to an end though sadly as he faces federer next round...


mario's really upped his defense and movement. plus he's very confident now it seems. those davis cup experiences have helped him a lot. yey mario! unfortunately, he's going up against roger now but roger might have a fight in his hands. i like mario but still rooting for roger!


it makes no sense at all i know, but when RG started i wanted mario to win all his matches and yet i wanted federer to win the tournament. i guess it's because i didn't think mario would actually get this far! well i just hope for a really good match between the two...that i will actually get to see...*grumbles* stupid tv schedule... :P


Ancic really proved his worth today. I like both Ancic and Robredo so I really didn't care who won, but it's nice to see Ancic do well at the French.

As for Sharapova, I know I'm in the minority when I say I'm a fan of hers, but her effort today was pathetic. I know she is out of match practice, but she blew two big leads, one in the first set and another in the third. One game away, up 5-1, and you can only scrape together six more points? Sharapova has been having a lot of mental collapses lately - whether she's injured or she has a mental block or there's something going on in her life, I don't know, but if she wants to contend at Wimbledon and at future Slams, she better start learning to put people away when it matters.

Anyways, congratulations to Safina on her win and I hope her and Kuznetsova have a great match. I hope big bro Marat shows up to support her.



well that was a bit uncalled for :P and more than that, i feel it's factually incorrect. both safina and sharapova have similar power games: they're both big girls with big serves and ground strokes. it's not that which didn't work today. i just think safina worked harder in this match but it could have gone either way. safina deserves the win though so congrats.


LOL :) . That was pretty funny. Okay but i dont think she's overrated. I was actually expecting to her lose in the 2nd or 3rd round cuz of the lack of clay matchs running up to RG but 4th round is not bad considering the circumstances.


Uh. Did anyone notice the DIRTY looks Maria was shooting at Safina? Safina played well. I didn't expect her to win, but she did it! Kudos to her.

I just hate poor sportsmanship. Be it Venus, Serena, Maria S, or the queen of poor sportswomen - Just-pathetic-tine HH.


I think that Sharapova is really overrated. Ever since she won Wimbeldon she is expecting herself to win every tournament that she enters. She has a mental edge over most people, which really what helps her win. But, she makes excuses for every time that she loses. I don't care if you haven't played in a month or two, you don't let a 5-1 lead slip, espically since she is such a mental strong player. I think that she is going to have a little harder season than ever before, even at Wimbledon. And to TigerLambGirl's point about Sharapova's sportmanship, she has had bad sportmanship since she went pro. I don't only know if this is me but, Sharapova learned to play tennis in the US, she pretty much grew up in the US, still lives in the US, and still trains in the US, but she still plays for Russia, can't she at least give some credit to the US??

I have a question for everyone. At Wimbledon Monica Seles was told that she couldn't grunt. Stats prove that Sharapova's grunt is louder. Should Wimbledon not allow Sharapova, or any player for that matter, to pretty much screech when they hit the ball like Sharapova does?

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