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June 04, 2006



I'm sad for Mauresmo - I really am. This was arguably her best chance to win and she couldn't do it. Last year she lost to teen sensation Ivanovic, this year she loses to teen sensation Vaidisova.

I don't know if Amelie will ever win the French - everything was lined up this year for her to win. She was in the easier part of the draw and the crowd support. Like I said, sad.


I am very happy for Nicole! It is sad that everybody is focusing in Amelie's loss but nobody is talking about how brilliant Nicole played today, her serving game was awesome. Well done, Nicole, I have been following since a while ago, and believed you are going to be number one in the future. Today, you took a big step towards that. Keep on the good work and good luck for the rest of the French Open.


Luis, you're right, Vaidisova derserves a lot of credit for her win over Mauresmo. Her match with Venus should be very good to say the least. Nicole had a tough match with Rezai and I didn't think she'd be ready for Mauresmo but she was and all credit to her.


Thanks Ally.

Nicole has been my favorite player and I am so happy for her wonderful performance today. I wish she would be able to accomplish many great things. I just hope her coach would commit her more to the net and then she will be unstoppable.

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