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June 27, 2006



analpick. pantsquirt?

rex reed

hopefully his girlfriend will say 'NO!' to the butt pick! unless picking your ass in spain is acceptable for both genders in public settings...?

stuart brookshaw

Hi picks it then smells his finger.....shocking..


The butt picking maybe wouldn't be so bad if he didn't take that same hand and put it up to his nose immediately afterwards. I don't see how that could be seen as charming no matter how much you love him.

Jack Cullen

Some of the older players in the 20s and 30s had even more peculiar OCD habits. Looking at old Wimbledon reels in the British Pathe archive online, there's some great stuff. Won't link to it in case this site's funny about links though.

r hughes

Nadal's butt picking is driving me crazy!!!!!!!! He's a great talent that will be known for his butt picking, that's a shame.

Catherine harrison

Nadal is sooo cute with everything he does including the but picking even though i would say it was more him adjusting his pants i also love the way he is so shy of court it is an amazing turn on for everyone

flap jack

his butt picking is the worst. making his opponent cross the net before he does is the second worst. jumping up and down at the net before matches is third. running to the baseline is fourth worst. i root for him to lose because of these things. the water bottle thing is fine.


The butt pick is disguisting and nobody talks about it. Just wondering if Serena or Venus did this, what would be said.


He does not pick his butt when he wears clothing that fit in practice. Nike should be able to make outfits, underwrar and outwear that fits. Maybe he needs a man thong.

steven stewart

He has a bubble butt. His jock strap pulls up and binds. He is pulling it to stretch the straps.


It probably wouldn't be overly gross if he didn't insist on immediatly whiping his nose after he digs! For that reason its down right disgusting!


Someone has to note it. It's not just the butt-pick, it's the butt-to-nose total motion. Now THAT'S gross.

pick a winner then smell it

the butt picking is bad enough,then rubbing his nose next is disturbing.I would love to have a reporter/interviewer ask him about it


He clearly just needs to start wearing boxer-briefs and no more speedo undies... it would be so annoying to have to do all the time... he's probably used to it by now but it's really un-cool to watch. He's lucky he's handsome otherwise it would not fly... imagine someone less charming doing it non-stop....

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